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How to turn off facebook page notifications For Android, Web, and iPhones

How to turn off facebook page notifications For Android, Web, and iPhones

Facebook has become one of the most prominent social media networks. Almost all of us are on Facebook and use it at least for a while throughout the day. It would be an excellent option for use for keeping up with your friends, colleagues, and relatives who are far away. However, the notifications that it would serve you at times tend to be too much and get to an annoying stage. How to turn off Facebook page notifications for Android, Web, and iPhones? Let us check out the details here.

What are Facebook Notifications?

Well, like any other app or software, Facebook also keeps in touch with the happening in your circle. Facebook has reached a stage that you do not need to introduce it to anyone. All of us are aware of its capabilities and how useful it can be.

You have plenty of friends on Facebook. While you know some of them, very few share the same values and outlook you have towards life and its events and thus become your virtual friends on Facebook. Facebook regularly shares updates about their posts with you whenever they share something interesting on Facebook.

Then there are groups created to discuss common interests. These groups too send you notifications based on what’s happening in your group. If are an admin of any of those groups, there will be further administration related notifications as well.

Yet another option available on Facebook is the ability to create a business page if you are self-employed and have created a page for your business. These pages can have interactions from your clients or those interested in your business activities.

In essence, Facebook has ceased to be what it used to be in the past. It provides you access to several advantages, including bolstering your business. All these facets of Facebook will send you through their push notifications. It is indeed a good option that should help you keep in touch with what’s happening with your account. However, it can get annoying if you have been following a lot of people on Facebook and get updates for almost every one of them.

Fortunately, Facebook lets you turn off notifications for the specific categories that you do not want to get updated on. You can also turn off the notifications on specific devices while continuing to get them on the other devices.

How to Turn Off Facebook Notifications?

Facebook, like we already stated, lets you turn off notifications for specific categories of messages. Of course, you can even decide to turn them off altogether.

There are some subtle differences between turning off notifications for desktop and turning them off on your smartphone. Let us explore each of these methods in more exquisite detail in the following paragraphs.

How to turn off Notifications on your desktop?

You may be someone working from home and frequently get distracted with the Facebook notifications appearing at a corner repeatedly. This can affect your focus if you are in a writing profession. If you do not want your productivity to be affected adversely and want to focus on what you are doing, turning off the Facebook notification would ideally be one of the best options you would want to opt for.

To do this, you can follow the instructions here

Step 1 – Go to Facebook Settings

The option for Facebook Settings on the web version of Facebook is not much to find. Look for the downward arrow on the menu bar and click on it.

Click on the Settings option. It should take you to the settings screen and provide you access to all the configurations about your Facebook account.

Step 2 – Look for Notifications

Under the Settings screen, you should find the option for Notifications on the left side menu bar.

Click on the option Notifications. Check each of the categories and decide what you would want to turn on or turn off.

You will need to click on the downward arrow on each of the notification type to expand it. You should typically find three notification channels – Push Notification, SMS, and Email. Turn off the notification types you do not want to receive.

In many cases, you would prefer SMS and email notifications, but want to avoid push notifications. You can choose whichever notification you would want to turn off. You can turn off them altogether.

Repeat the steps for each of the notification types and notification channels. In the case of the groups, you may want to turn off notification individually for each of them in a different manner.

Turning off the option Allow Notification on Facebook will turn off all the options in one go.

How to Turn off Facebook Notifications on Mobile?

Apart from your Facebook web interface, you may also be getting Facebook notifications incessantly through your Facebook mobile app. If you are someone who doesn’t like your phone ringing with frequent Facebook notifications, you would want to turn off the Facebook notifications altogether or may be looking ahead to turn off the notifications for a few specific categories as in the case of desktop notifications that we just discussed.

Here are the steps that should be helpful enough –

Step 1 – Access the Facebook Settings

Launch your Facebook app on your phone. It should be rather easy to access the Facebook Settings on your mobile app.

Click on the three horizontal lines to access the Facebook menu. Scroll down to the bottom, and you should find the option for Settings and Privacy. Under the selection, you would find the option for Settings

Click on it, and you will be able to access the settings for your Facebook notifications.

Step 2 – Access Notifications

Once you are on the Settings screen as discussed in the above discussion, scroll to find Notification Settings. Please note that the exact locations and appearance would be dependent upon the Facebook app version you are on. The details outlined in this tutorial are based on the latest version of the Facebook app.

Step 3 – Configure your Notifications

Just as on the Desktop application for Facebook, you should find the same option on the mobile app as well. You can configure the notifications settings as per your preferences.

On the top of the configuration screen, you should find the option to turn off the notification altogether. Click on Mute Push Notification to turn your Facebook notifications in its entirety.

If you do not want to turn off all the notifications, but would want to configure individual options, keep the option above turned on and scroll down to the individual options to set them accordingly.

Click on each of the individual notification categories and turn off push, email and SMS notifications precisely as in the case of the options you used in the case of desktop application of Facebook in the above tutorial.

Those two should be the best options you would use for taking care of your Facebook notifications.

How to Stop Facebook Marketplace Notifications?

Facebook has introduced several new features over the last decade or so. Growing beyond being a social media network and assisting you in building a good rapport with the world and society around you, it has also been helpful enough in enhancing the performance of your business as well.

One unique concept that Facebook has been able to bring ahead in this context would be the Facebook Marketplace. It is a good venture that helps you indulge in transactions between the users, but the alerts that it tends to send you can be quite annoying. Once again, fortunately enough, Facebook lets you change it and stop receiving those notifications.

There are a couple of ways you can disable the Facebook marketplace notifications. As with the other notification alerts, you can do it either through your Facebook mobile app or opt for the configuration through the desktop version of the application.

Here is how you can turn off Facebook Marketplace notifications on your smartphone app. The method should apply to both Android and iOS.

Step 1 – Access to Facebook Settings.

The steps have already been outlined in the above discussion on how to disable notification on your mobile device. Access the Menu option through the three horizontal lines on the top menu bar.

Click on Settings and Privacy to expand the settings and privacy options and then click on Settings.

Step 2 – Access Notification Settings.

Scroll down to find the option for Notification Settings. Scroll down to see the notification channel for Marketplace. You should find the options for turning off the marketplace notifications entirely or decide to turn off specific channels of notification.

If you want to turn off the Marketplace notifications in its entirety, you can toggle the option for Allow notifications on Facebook to off. If you wish to disable the notification only for a few specific channels, you can choose to disable the choice for the individual channels like Push, Email, and SMS options, depending upon your preferences.

How to Use Notification channels on Android to stop Facebook Notifications?

If you have a phone that runs on Android Oreo 8.0 or higher, you can make use of the Notification Channels for turning off your Facebook Notifications.

To access it, follow the steps here –

  • Launch your Android Settings.
  • Choose the option for Apps or Apps and Notifications. The exact location of the notifications would be dependent upon the smartphone you are using or the skin that the model of your device may be using.
  • Choose the option for Facebook from the list of apps listed.
  • You should now find the option for notification channels for Facebook.
  • You can locate the notification channels that you would want to turn off and turn it off from within the settings.

The notification channels can help turn off the notification completely or just turning off the sound alert for the notification.

How to turn off Facebook Live Notifications?

Facebook Live is a unique feature that lets you or your friends stream the content as it is taking place in real time. Whenever your friend starts live streaming some content, you would get a notification alert asking you to tune in.

You can make use of the same techniques we have used in the above tutorial to stop the alert notifications on different devices and channels. You should locate the notification channel corresponding to videos or live videos.

There may be situations where you would not want to remove notifications only for a select few friends and leave it on for the other relevant Facebook Live videos. Turning off the video notifications for individual friends and pages would only be possible only during one of the live streaming sessions. Access the setting for the post with the Live Video and scroll down to find the option for Turn off Live notifications.

How to Turn off Facebook Notifications on Google Chrome?

Those discussions above correspond to the Facebook alerts you would want to turn off on your mobile app or desktop application. However, there are situations where you would find that the Facebook alerts and notifications are delivered through Google Chrome.

How can we turn off those notifications? The steps here below should provide you with an insight into the best options to turn off Facebook notifications on Google Chrome –

  • Go to your Chrome Settings
  • Click on Advanced
  • Check Site Settings under Privacy and Security.
  • Click on Notifications
  • Search for Facebook on the next page and click on it.
  • Look for the option Notifications and toggle the option to

That should do it. All your notifications from Facebook will turn off on Google Chrome.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, Facebook is an excellent option for keeping in touch with your friends, colleagues, and your favorite brands. However, the incessant notifications on the service can be highly annoying, and most of us want to disable the unnecessary notifications.

If you are one of those who have been worried about the annoying and frequent notifications, we assume the tips listed here should provide you with enough information on choosing the perfect options for turning off the Facebook notifications. Check out these tips and share your thoughts with us.

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