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Office 365 Business Premium Features Price and Trial Accounts: Essential Details

Office 365 business premium features price and trial accounts

Looking to migrate to a cloud-based ecosystem? Microsoft Office 365 should be your ideal partner. However, which license to choose from? Microsoft offers around ten different plans and licenses. Choosing the right option is indeed necessary and critical of all the steps involved in migrating to the cloud. We will consider the Office 365 Business Premium features in today’s post.

Office 365 Business Premium License – An Overview

The Business Premium plan of Office 365 offers a comprehensive list of applications and features. In fact, it lets you enjoy all the excellent Microsoft Office products with cloud-based integration. Apart from the classic elements of a Microsoft product, it also adds up a host of additional features.

You can have access to the latest versions of all your favorite Microsoft Office products on all your devices. It can be the best option to simplify your work by syncing it across platforms. Real-time editing with your teams adds value and increases the productivity.

What does the Office 365 Premium Plan come With?

Well, Office 365 Business Premium plan should be exactly what your business needs. Of course, it is the most expensive option among all the Business plans available under Office 365. However, it caters to almost all the needs of your business.

What is included in the plan? Well, here is a break down of the complete suite that forms part of Office 365 Business Premium plan –

  • Office Suite – This includes all the Office apps for PC and mobile. The suite consists of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, SharePoint, One Drive, OneNote, Office Publisher, Skype and Microsoft Access.
  • Business Apps –This suite includes Outlook Customer Manager and Bookings. Microsoft Bookings helps you manage your business.
  • Emails and Calendars – You can use the business level Email services that let you send attachments up to 150 MB in size.
  • File Storage and Sync –The OneDrive storage available is up to 1 TB. You can access it from anywhere form any device. Share the files with anyone within or outside the organization
  • Instant Messenger and Skype – It will let you communicate through voice calls, video calls and messaging.
  • Yammer – The corporate social network ensures that you can connect with the right people for your business enhancement. It will let you share information across teams.
  • Sway – This is a tool that can be helpful for creating interactive web-based stories. It can be your best option for the presentations and training.
  • StaffHub–The module within the Office 365 Premium plan is your prime option for managing your workforce. Create the work schedules with ease. It also lets you connect with work-related apps and resources.
  • Microsoft Flow – Creating workflows between the apps has never been smooth. Microsoft Flow helps you do it a better way without the need for any kind of coding.

The Features That Make It a great Option

Here is a detailed analysis of the features that Office 365 Business Premium plan offers you. We will concisely focus on the various elements.

The Best Office Experience

You can enjoy the best Office experience that you have always found in the traditional Microsoft office environment. The Plan includes the core Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote, Skype and other new aspects of Microsoft family.

The online creation and editing of your documents on the move are what would make it an excellent experience to work with. There are new age apps like Yammer, Sway and Office Delve. It also offers you a seamless working through multiple devices. Work on your Office documents on the go.

Excellent Communication

The tools available for communication should ideally be what makes Office 365 Business premium the best option for your needs. Your emails and other contacts are automatically synced. Archiving and data analysis capabilities and the customization options are a couple of different options you would love with the plan.

Skype makes the audio and video communication simple and more accessible. You can indulge in online conferences and instant messaging – thanks to Skype for Business. Yammer is the corporate social network for all your needs in business communication. It will enhance the connection between your teams and employees more encouraging. You can get in touch with the right people and explore the business opportunities.

High-End Security

Moving your business cloud has its apprehensions. If you are one of those worried about the risks involved in the online mode of doing business, Office 365 alleviates your problems and doubts. It offers you five layers of security. This will take care to ensure that all your data is safe and secure.

One of the best features of the Office 365 Business Premium plan is the high degree of compliance. It keeps itself up to date and complies with all the standards. Your sensitive information of the business is completely taken care of. Granular level of privacy protection and security options are provided for your account. Of course, you can alter and customize them as per your exact requirements.

Storage Options

You will get 1 TB of storage space under OneDrive once you sign up for an account with Office 365 Business Premium plan. You can use the OneDrive storage in any way you want to. You can also specify who can have access to the files stored under this storage.

It should be the best option to keep your data synchronized across the cloud. You can work with the files in real time. You can share the files in real time with the employees or members of your team. It will ensure simultaneous working with the projects and be getting reports from them. It can go a long way in improving the productivity of your employees, team or clients. This can be beneficial for your business.

The Pricing

The Office 365 Business Premium plan is available at $ 12.50 per user per month. Please note that this price is if you are opting for a one-year agreement. If you are choosing the one-month deal, the cost would be $ 15 per user per month.

Whom should it be suitable for? If your enterprise has less than 300 and you need to have access to desktop office applications, cloud services, and Email hosting. In case your organization has more than 300 users, you will need to opt for Office 365 Enterprise edition. Please note that you will need to have a domain name if you want to use Exchange Online. It forms part of your Office 365 business premium plan.

You can cancel your subscription whenever you want to. The service is available on a monthly commitment. Please note that though you are permitted to cancel your subscription at any time – but the payment done in advance will not be refunded.

Office 365 Business Premium Plan Free Trial

The Office 365 products are not available for free. They do not have any free plans either. However, if you are looking to check out the options to see if it can be used form free – well, there is an option.

Yes, Office 365 Business Premium plans come with a free trial option. Of course, it does come with a few limitations. Are you someone who is a first time user, it may be a good idea to opt for Office 365 Business Premium free trial. It can be helpful in getting a sneak peek into the features and functionalities of Office 365. You can sign up for a free trial through the official site or any of the official vendors. Once the free trial expires, you can convert the free trial into a subscription-based plan if you so wish. You can sign up for a trial account for Office 365 Business premium plan by visiting the official Microsoft website. We are sure; you will opt for the subscription option once you get used to the free trial option and its features.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, plenty of tools available as part of the Office 365 Business Premium plans that would make it one of the best options. It helps you improve your business practices. Communication, storage, and collaboration are just a few features we would indeed love with the Office 365 Business plans. In fact, the software is run by Microsoft, and that should ensure that you can get over 99.9 percent of uptime.

The cloud-based system will ensure you that you stay updated on the dot. That would mean your software will never go outdated as long you are opting for a subscription plan, and you continue receiving the updates as they are made available. In essence, the Office 365 Business Premium plan can be the best tool that you can opt for if you want to benefit your organization in a variety of options.

If you have used the Office 365 Business Premium plan or any Business plan for your needs, do share your experiences with us.

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