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What’s New for Windows 10 Build Version 1903 For Enterprises – Listed

What’s New for IT Pros in Windows 10 Build Version 1903 For Enterprises

Are you wondering What’s new for IT Pros in Windows 10 Build version 1903 for Enterprises? In this post, we list out the same. Read along to know more.

The latest Windows version, i.e. Windows 10 version 1903 is already out, and most of us have already installed it on our devices. While the features offered on the newest build version are quite innovative, but a host of the features introduced on the latest version are specifically designed for the IT professionals. If you are an IT Pro and looking for the best features on your Windows 10 Pro version 1903, the information shared here should be helpful enough for you.

What’s New for IT Pros in Windows 10 Build Version 1903?

It goes without saying that Microsoft has always been focused on providing technology advancements on large scale enterprise deployments that are tailored for IT Professionals. There have been several tools and platforms that Microsoft has built over the years, and most of these developments have always been appreciated and held in high esteem by the IT professionals.

The focus on Enterprises has been what always stays as a backbone in the design of the successive Windows 10 updates. The previous versions of Windows 10 have been a clear example to prove this efficiency.  So is the latest version 1903, also referred to as Windows 10 May 2019 update. The update has been made available through several channels including Windows Server Update Services, the Windows Update for business and other popular channels.

So, what are the new features that can spell a massive change for the IT Pros? Here are a few inputs that may interest you if you are an IT Pro yourself.

Update Channels and Process Simplified

Yes, with the Version 1903, Windows 10 has streamlined its update system. There have been several changes that have been designed under the hood and may not be observed through the interface. Delivery optimization has been streamlined to make it possible to improve peer efficiency. This should be helpful enough in improving the update experience in institutions with complex networks.

The reserved storage functionality is another update related enhancement. Windows 10 now sets aside a certain amount of storage for the system related applications. This includes updates, apps, temporary files, and system cache files. The reserved storage ideally used is 7 GB. Do note that you will notice a drop in the free storage space available on your system disk. The feature is enabled by default for new installations and preinstalled operating systems. However, you can enable it on your system if it already hasn’t.

The Windows Update for business has been given a facelift. The phased deployments now have a standard start date. The reboot scheduling experience should be simple for the end users. The Update rollbacks have also been simplified. If a monthly update has failed, and the system begins to crash, Windows will roll back the update and bring the device back to a working state.

You can pause the updates for up to 35 days. This can be an enhanced option if you are not willing to opt for a buggy update. The update notification is in for improvement as well. You will now have an icon on the taskbar to indicate that a restart is required to install the update and the power option will have an orange dot.

Intelligent Active hours is yet another performance improvement we observed as part of the new version. Windows can now adjust the active hours based on device-specific usage. Make sure you have activated the feature to ensure you get the benefits of smart active hours functionality. Moreover, the delivery of your updates has now been streamlined through a proper orchestration. Your Windows Updates and Microsoft Store updates will soon occur when you are away from the device. This can help you avoid any sort of disruption you may experience as part of the update process.

Security has been beefed up

The most essential factor you would want to find improved is the security of your IT system and the operating systems installed therein. In the face of cyber threats and other similar issues, it assumes a lot of importance to ensure that your IT infrastructure is protected well enough.

Some of the enhancements that Windows 10 version 1903 introduces and bolsters include

Improved Threat Protection on Windows Defender

There has been improved platform support. Endpoint Detection and Endpoint Protection Platform have been enhanced and will be available on the Windows 7 and 8 environments as well. The advanced machine learning techniques have been yet another excellent option that can help you protect your system against the apex attackers. You will also have enhanced protection against the misuse of credentials.

Protection against Threats

There are several new options added for improving the threat protection. Sandbox is one of them. Improved microphone privacy settings are yet another improved options to improve security.

Sandbox lets you run the untrusted applications or web searches without worrying about the harmful effects that they may have. You can use it to test the programs that you do not trust initially and want reassurance before you can use them more comprehensively and precisely. It provides you access to a fenced off Windows 10 operating system wholly shielded from the rest of the operating system, keeping it entirely safe.

The advanced microphone privacy settings will help you safeguard yourself against the use of your microphone for spying purposes. You will get an icon on your task manager whenever an application is accessing your microphone. You can find the settings and decide to enable or disable it.

Windows Defender application guard is another security feature you will find impressive and useful. If you are a standalone user, it should be easy to configure Windows Defender Application Guard settings without the need to access system registry settings or registry editor.

Protect your Identity

User credentials and similar other identity elements are what would make it one of the inviting factors for the attack on your system. If you are using Azure Active Directory, the latest version improves it and protects you from the loss or compromise of your identity credentials.

Windows Hello has now received a FIDO2 certification, which means you can opt for a passwordless login to the sites that support FIDO2. A host of other protection options have been added some of which may be signed in to a remote desktop with biometrics, ability to sign in to your system with a phone number and Microsoft Account. The Windows Hello PIN reset has been streamlined for an enhanced experience.

What’s New for Windows 10 Build Version 1903 For Enterprises – Productivity Enhancements

Well, the primary reason you have opted for Windows 10 is because of the high degree of productivity improvement that it tends to offer you. The new Windows 10 version 1903 update improves the productivity further ahead with a few enhancements.

There have been a few new accessibility features that are designed at improving productivity advancement. The Narrator has received a few improvements through the addition of a few extra controls and voices.

You also have a few other improvements and new additions in the Ease of use section. There have been eleven new mouse pointer sizes.

If you have been using emojis quite often, you now have a shortcut Windows + dot (or period or full stop) that provides you access to kaomojis (Japanese emoticons) and emojis. There is also an option for the Windows virtual desktop so that you can have a multisession Windows 10 experience.

Added Flexibility

The new version 1903 introduces new Group Policies for improved management of Microsoft Edge. There is a new Mobile Device management policy as well as Intune integration for providing refined performance. The Microsoft 365 Admin Centre is an added advantage for managing your Microsoft 365 experience.

There is a new improvement to the Windows Autopilot Enrollment Status Page with the latest Windows 10 version. This can be an excellent option to track the software installed through Intune. There is also an option to enable BitLocker for the Azure Active Directory users.

Other Enhancements in Windows 10 version 1903 for IT Pros

Apart from the significant enhancements we discussed in detail in the above paragraphs, here are a few other improvements that are smaller enough, yet improve the user experience to a considerable extent.

  • You can now zoom PowerShell and Command Prompt text. You would need to use a CTRL and mouse-wheel combination for the purpose.
  • Cortana and Search options are now separated. This can perhaps help to some extent in assisting you in improving productivity to an extent.
  • There are new extensions available for Timeline, and Chrome and Firefox Windows Defender Application Guard.
  • Improvements to Focus Assist. It will now block notifications from apps in full-screen mode.
  • Installation of fonts can now be carried out with a drag and drop functionality through Personalisation settings.
  • Office app comes preinstalled by default with the version.
  • Recommended Troubleshooting options. This can help address the issues present on your system that you may have missed to notice.
  • Improvements to the user interface under the Reset this PC option
  • Option for signing in without a password, but using a phone number. The phone number needs to be linked to your account.
  • Option to uninstall more system apps than that was possible in the previous version of Windows 10
  • Support for RAW image files.
  • Microsoft Edge is receiving new updates.

In Conclusion

Well, those were just a few improvements that we could observe on your new and latest version of the Windows 10 operating system. The revisions as discussed here are based on the enhancements from an IT Pro’s perspective. There may be a few other changes as well that you may have noticed in your operating system based on your usage pattern. Do share them with us so that our readers can get a feel of what Microsoft has packed as part of the Windows 10 Version 1903 update.

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