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What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of using a VPN?

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages of using a VPN?

Planning to use a VPN? If you are a business – you may have already used VPN for the secure intercommunication requirements. But are you aware that the VPN services can also be used for your personal needs? Of course, it does, and you should at least give it a try. What benefits do you stand to gain if you are looking to use VPN? We will cover those details in this post.

VPN – An Overview

VPN or Virtual Private Network is akin to a tunnel through which you would be access to the internet through a secure and private manner. The VPN service tunnels your network traffic through its own virtual network and replaces your actual public facing IP address.

This mode of accessing the internet through VPN would ensure that you can anonymously access the internet. This will help you in terms of enhanced privacy and also lets you access sites blocked by your service provider.

So, should you use VPN or not? Well, we would not be making any suggestions as such. Instead of suggesting you either of the alternatives, we will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of using VPN. Once you are through this compilation of the pros and cons of using VPN, you can decide whether you want to use it or not.

The Advantages of using VPN

A VPN connection can be quite handy in the case of the following scenarios. Let us check out the positive consequences of opting for a VPN service.

Access the Public Networks safely

You may not need to use VPN if you are opting for a dedicated internet connection. But, what if you are connecting through a public WiFi? You would want to safeguard your privacy.

Why? For obvious reasons. The public WiFi may not be risk-free. It may have a host of public eyes looking for your private information. Using a VPN service protects your private data.

Access to the Blocked Content

How about a situation where you are roaming in a foreign country and trying to access the content from your home country. If the particular site is geo-restricted, you will end up getting error messages. An exact opposite case in point would be when you are attempting to a resource that is geo-restricted to your country.

VPN comes as a savior in those situations. You should be able to access the content from anywhere in the world. Freedom in the real sense of the word, right? This can be one of the excellent options for you if you are in a country where there is heavy censorship. In other words, a VPN gives you the online freedom that you have always wanted. It works by changing your IP address and make you appear as if you belong to a different country.

An Enhanced Online Security

If online security is what you would look ahead to when browsing the internet, VPN will help you achieve it. No matter which kind of connection are you opting for, a VPN would be the best you would be able to go with.

You tend to send a whole lot of information on the internet. With the dangerous lifestyle that we have been leading when it comes to the internet, you would want anyone to snoop on you. A VPN service will encrypt your data and keep all others at bay while you are browsing the web or sharing your personal information while using banking apps or private chats. You will always remain anonymous, and no one will be able to have access to your data.

Save Money with VPN

Think we are making fun of you? Not exactly. Many E-Commerce websites offer differential pricing for different regions. It can be useful when you are booking a flight or hotel in a different country. You may also use the option of buying items from E-Commerce sites, but you may need to opt for a different shipping address.

If you want to make use of this feature of VPN services, it would be advisable to check out a VPN service that has a considerably good number of server locations covering almost all major parts of the globe.

It can Improve your Internet Speed

Your internet service providers may play tricks on you and restrict your speeds. If you find your website speed is not up to the mark, you can check out with a few VPN services to see if you can experience improved conditions.

Since a VPN is used to hide your online activity, it may help remove the restrictions placed on you by the internet service provider. This can help you get rid of the buffering or the waiting period you may need to go through while you are accessing your favorite content on the web.

Please note, in some cases – this may be opposite and you may end up with reduced speeds.

The Disadvantages of Using VPN

Well, those were a few advantages of using a VPN service. But are there any issues that you may face if you are opting for a VPN service? Yes, VPN is not entirely foolproof. There are a few disadvantages as well. Having a good knowledge of the limitations and disadvantages of a VPN service can help you use it rather judiciously.

They are all NOT free

Of course, a VPN service may be available for free. But for efficient service, it is advisable to go with a subscription model. Opting for the free tier can indeed have the opposite effect. Free services can sell your data to online advertisers.

Beware of the small players that are unheard of. If you want a reliable VPN service, you would need to pay, and the subscription packages tend to be of recurring basis.

The VPN Blockers

The tirade against the VPN services is gaining momentum these days. This may render your VPN service useless and may make it go out of business. Popular streaming services like Netflix attempt blocking the VPNs.

This can be a huge issue if you have already opted for a subscription plan and suddenly made to wake up one day to find the service no longer working. However, there have been a few VPN services that stand up to the VPN blockers and continue providing services. However, some services may not be able to go past the powerful VPN blockers.

Reduction in internet Speed

A VPN is aimed at encrypting your data before providing you with the connectivity. This can result in reduced speed. Like we said before, if your service provider is applying any restrictions on your connection, you may an increase in the rate. But, in the case of a lack of such issues, your internet speed can decrease.

That is precisely why it is essential to opt for a VPN service that offers you better speeds while providing the right of protection. The best way you would be able to check it out would be to opt for a free trial plan and check the functionality of your VPN service.

A Tougher Configuration

If you are not tech savvy enough, using your VPN service can be a little tricky. An improper configuration can indeed land you in trouble and leak your data to the hackers. If you are not taking proper care of your VPN set up, you may end up having issues with your online privacy and security.

IP and DNS leaks are a few issues that you may come across. Of course, there are a few tools that can be helpful in addressing the problems. If you are starting with the VPN service, it may be a good idea to opt for the VPN services that offer a user-friendly configuration method.

Your VPN Connection may Drop Suddenly

A well-known and popular VPN service may not suffer downtimes, but a host of them tend to suffer downtimes all of a sudden. If you do not notice that your VPN service has dropped, you will be connected without it, and your actual IP address would be visible.

Most high-end VPN services come with a Kill Switch that helps you disconnect from the internet as soon as the connection with the server drops. If you are quite wary of your anonymity, it would be advisable to opt for the VPN services that offer a Kill Switch.

The Concluding Thoughts

Using a VPN service comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In any case, we would consider using a VPN service comes with its benefits. Make sure what you are looking for in your VPN service and opt for the right service that meets your needs too the core.

Conduct careful VPN research and opt for the best VPN service that meets your requirements. Study all the options you have and arrive at a well-informed decision.

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