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Wrike vs Zoho Projects Online Management Software Comparison & Plans

Wrike vs Zoho Projects

Are you looking for a capable cloud-based Project Management Option for your organization? Given a wide range of choices available at your disposal, it may not be that easy to choose the one that matters to your requirements. However, there are two capable players that you would find nothing going wrong with. Exceptionally good at what they do or promise to do, both Wrike vs Zoho Projects indeed lives up to your expectation in more ways than one. Let us today compare the features and functions of both these tools in finer detail.

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Wrike vs Zoho Projects – How do They Compare?

Well, both the tools we will be discussing are capable and feature rich in every respect. However, choosing the one that meets your exact requirements is the key to find the perfect choice for all your work-related tasks. Though both of them offer you services that tend to be similar in most respects, you would, however, find a few minor changes.

Let us check the two competing Enterprise tools in finer detail and compare them based on a few key parameters.

The Pricing

Well, if you are a small sized business, you can have access to both the tools for free. Both Zoho Projects and Wrike come with free service (Freemium) tiers. That would make them quite comfortable and affordable options for you in case you are a small startup. However, if you need more storage or have some users working on the projects, you will need to go with one that offers excellent options.

The free plan available on Wrike lets you add unlimited users up to a capacity of 2 GB of user data. The service would be simple with the basic features included. However, you may not be happy with what is offered as it lacks even a few essential inclusions like dashboards or timesheets. Yet, you have access to a few premium options like invoicing and expenses. The free plan on Zoho is still narrower. You will be able to manage up to 10 MB data on a project. It does not come with any of the plans and functionalities that you see on Wrike.

In essence, if you are opting for free plans, you would find Wrike to be a notch above than Zoho Projects. Concerning paid plans, however, Zoho offers you a few better options than Wrike.

App Integrations

There is a good deal of app integrations on both Zoho Projects and Wrike. They are well integrated with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other essentials tools. Wrike does come with an additional advantage as it supports Zapier. Zapier in itself can connect with over 500 apps and possibly one of the huge plus points for Wrike.

Zoho, as we are well aware of, has a considerably good compilation of productivity apps. Zoho Projects integrates well with the internal tools like Zoho Invoice, Zoho CRM and Zoho Books – to name just a few. Some other capable services that Zoho Projects combines with itself include Evernote Business, Github, and Microsoft OneDrive.

In any case, Zapier integration leaves Wrike several steps ahead of the capabilities offered by Zoho Projects.

The Features

When it comes to the features and other services, both the competitors provide exceptional services in their own right. If you are considering the Enterprise editions of both Wrike and Zoho Projects, you will find both the tools offering the same degree of functionality across them.

One of the best features that we missed on Wrike, but implemented exceptionally on Zoho Projects is the Integrated Chat option. The chat functionality would be essential – especially when you are looking for constant project-level collaboration is of utmost importance in a project. The Video Chat feature is central to the entire Zoho Interface and can be one of the enormous advantages that Zoho has over Wrike.

The user interface on Zoho Projects is entirely is clean and intuitive. The navigation menu is much easier to follow, and you can make a beginning real faster with the easy to understand navigation options. The interface makes use of feed based streams. The chat app is available at the bottom and lets you indulge in chats without any need to leave your home feed.

Wrike, on the other hand, uses a folder based structure and can get a little confusing. Each folder will have a designated project, and once you enter a folder, the interface will remain the same as with most other project management tools. The Folder structure will be a difficult option if you are a newbie.

Side By Side Comparison – Wrike vs Zoho Projects

Well, now that we have checked the tool with respect to a few important aspects of the functionality, let us now check out the basic features of both the competing tools in a side by side comparison. That way, we would be able to understand the major differences between the two tools in a clearer manner.

Features / Particulars

Zoho Projects


License Structure Monthly subscription Annual subscription and quote based
Languages supported English English, Dutch, Polish, Turkish, Swedish
Device Support Windows, iOS, Mac, Android and web portal Windows, iOS, Mac, Android and web portal
Support channels available Phone support, live chat, Email ticket Phone, live chat, email ticket, and knowledge base
Platform Suitability Small business and freelancers Small, medium and larger enterprises
App Integrations Under 50. However, supports Zoho’s in-house projects Over 100. Integration with Zapier offers more than 500 app integrations

The Conclusion

Whether you consider pricing to be an important aspect or not, there are a few other aspects that would keep Zoho Projects and Wrike slightly away from one another. We assume the clear descriptions and analysis as in the above comparison should provide you with an input into the best options you can check out.

If you are using either of these two projects, do share your thoughts with us based on your experiences and the functionality that you came across including the issues if any.

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