What are Quick Insights in PowerBI Service: Know More

Quick Insights is a very useful feature available in the PowerBI Service that can be used to get various insights to sub-sets of a dataset

Quick Insight is an advantageous feature available in the PowerBI Service that can be used to get various insights to sub-sets of a dataset. It runs a set of machine learning algorithms that will determine the best insights to generate through the subset of data. It will create insights based on the fields available in the dataset.

What are Quick Insights? See Example:

In this example, the incident details dataset is uploaded. It consists of fields like Account ID, Origin Code, Arrival Date, Category, Name, Description, Severity, and Status of the Incidents.

To get quick insights on a dataset, select the DataSet which in this case is Incident Details. Select the ellipses option (…) and then choose Quick Insights there.

Fig 1 – Quick Insights Option in PowerBI

On selecting “Get Quick Insights,” based on the machine learning algorithms a set of visuals will be generated, based on the data set in place.

Fig 2 – View Insights


On selecting we should be able to view a list of reports generated by the system, based on the fields that reside in the dataset.

Fig 3 – List of Insights 

For more information about Quick insights in PowerBI, refer to the link mentioned below.


  • Quick Insights does not work in Direct Query Mode. This option is not available if the dataset uses DirectQuery mode.
  • There are various types of Quick Insights supported by PowerBI, and they are highlighted below.
    • Category Outliers
    • Correlation
    • Seasonality Trends
    • Time Series Outliers
    • Change Point in Time Series
    • Low Variance
  • Refer to the link below for more details about Quick Insights types                                                                                             (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-bi/service-insight-types)
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