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O365 Personal Custom Domain – How To Setup and Use, Step by Step

If you are looking to opt for an O365 Personal Custom Domain, you have landed in the right spot. In this post, we list out the possible options for you.

If you are using Office 365 – no matter which plans you have opted for – you get the default (sub)domain name However, not many of us are interested and happy with the default domain name. This would be truer if you are a business or own a website. You would want to go with a custom domain in those circumstances. Let us check out how to opt for the custom domain with your Office 365.

Why Add Custom Domain to your Office 365 Account?

Well, if you are a regular user, you may not be worried about the default domain. It would not make any huge difference for you. However, what if you are brand yourself and want to use the custom business domain in your email address or the Office 365 installation?

The licensed email address will ideally look entirely professional. Moreover, it would also be an excellent option to use in branding your business, website, or blogs. That would perhaps explain why most of the companies prefer opting for a professional looking custom domain with Office 365 ( or even with Outlook).

How to Use Custom Domain on Office 365? – O365 Personal Custom Domain

Well, Microsoft makes it easy for you to add your custom domain to your Office 365 subscription. Do note that you will need to opt for a few basic requirements before you can add your custom domain to your Office 365.

You need to specify your domain name and confirm that you own the domain. The domain name can be added only if you have the ownership for the domain. If you do not have a custom domain, you can go to a domain registrar and then add it to your Office 365 subscription.

Having said that, here are the options you want to check if you are adding your custom domain to Office 365 –

  • To begin with, log in to your Office 365 admin console. You will need to use your default domain to add your custom domain. Once added, you can use your custom domain next time you log in to your service.

  • You should now find your Admin Dashboard. If you are logging in for the first time, you may need to go through an introductory tour. Make sure you go through it for a better understanding of what you are set to get.
  • For any reason, if you are not logged in to your admin dashboard, you can click on the Admin icon at the top right side of your screen.
  • Locate the option for You should ideally find it through the path Setup ->Domains.
  • Click on Add Domain. The option should provide you with access to several other options that you can handle your domains effectively.
  • You should now get an in-page wizard to help you add domain. Enter the domain name you want to add.

Your domain will not be added right away. You need to verify your domain and confirm that you have the ownership for it. You will need to add information to the DNS settings of your domain.

  • The wizard provides you with a step by step guidance on how to verify your domain. You are expected to provide TXT Record and MX records to verify your domain. If you are not sure what those mean, the add domain wizard helps you in the task by letting you know how to find those values and enter them.

O365 Personal Custom Domain

  • Enter the requisite values and click on
  • After the successful verification, you will be taken to the task of setting up online services on your account.
  • Next step would be setting up your online services. Ideally, this should be a one-stop solution. Your Office 365 setup should be able to complete it automatically. If it does not, you will need to set it up manually.
  • First, try out the option. Set up my online services for me. (Recommended). If the process is successful and you are lucky enough, you should get the message Congratulations! Your domain and email addresses are all setups
  • If it does not set up your online services automatically, you will need to choose the option I’ll manage my own DNS records.
  • Click on Next.
  • You will need to provide your DNS settings here to complete set up of your Online services. You will need to provide MX Records for Outlook, CNAME Records for multi-purpose, TXT Records for configuration and setup and Service Protocols for Skype Business Services.
  • Enter all those values and click on If you are not aware of those values or are confused about them, you can ask for help from your DNS registrar.
  • If the verification is successful, you should get a congratulatory message.

That should do it. That step should complete the setting up of your custom domain on your Office 365 subscription. The steps here should be quite more easy and simple enough for all of you to follow. We have explained the procedure in the most straightforward possible language to ensure that you can handle the task of the addition of custom domain to your Office 365, even if you lack the technical expertise.

Any other Precautions you need to go with? – O365 Personal Custom Domain

Well, yes. Before you can add a custom domain to your Office 365, it would be significant enough to take care of a few crucial aspects.

Do note that your primary address or domain when you set up your Office 365 would include domain. You can change it to any of the friendly options you would want to change it to. You can use your own domain name it if you have one. If you do not, you can buy a domain name from a domain registrar. You can even buy a domain name through Office 365, but explaining that is beyond the scope of this post.

If you change your domain name in Office 365, make sure you have added up users and created mailboxes for your Office 365 installation. Every mail sent to that particular domain name will be directed to Office 365. Thus it is quite essential to add those details if you do not want to lose out on the mails.

In case you tend to face any issues with the custom domain once it has been set up, you can go with the additional steps to continue and complete the process of setting up and resolving the issues. You can troubleshoot the problems with the help of Microsoft Office help.

Why Use O365 Personal Custom Domain?

Well, this is something that would solely be dependent upon the exact requirements you may have. A professional looking email address has its advantages. There are options to create a free business email address, but it may not be something most businesses would look ahead to.

A professionally created business email address can be something that every business vies for. It provides you with much-needed branding. Moreover, these custom domains will also help you out with several added advantages like spam and antivirus protection, better management of the account, and improved security performance.

In Conclusion

That was a complete tutorial on how to configure your Office 365 subscription with a custom domain. In fact, the task should not be much complicated as such. Microsoft provides you with a completely and effectively guided tutorial precisely as you work with the concept of adding the custom domain. That is exactly what would help you arrive at the best possible option to work with the idea.

Follow these steps carefully enough and share your thoughts with us.

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