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How to use Internet Explorer on Windows 11 – Config and Setup

How to use Internet Explorer on Windows 11

In addition to all requirements and limitations for Windows 11, Microsoft declared that another popular, 2-decade old app would not be accessible in the new OS. In Windows 11, the Internet Explorer browser will be disabled. But those users who still want it can use a feature known as IE Mode. It can be accessed via the Microsoft Edge browser. The following article describes the steps you can follow to access this feature.

News on the unavailability of Internet Explorer browser on Windows 11:

Microsoft has announced that the famous Internet Explorer browser will be disabled in Windows 11. Certain users wondered if this browser may still be available in Windows 11 until the developers decided to delete it. However, this app will never be available for the final release. Though many people were not contemplating that Internet Explorer will be accessible in Windows 11, some were still anticipating having at least an Internet Explorer 32-bit for Windows 11. However, this new OS will only support 64-bit software.

Microsoft did notify that the Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) of Windows 10 will contain Internet Explorer the following year. However, a consumer removal is planned for June 15th, 2022. Therefore, Windows 11 will now eliminate this browser. Those users who still use shortcuts like ‘iexplore’ would now be redirected to Microsoft Edge.

This is no surprise because Microsoft is well-known for constantly making upgrades. Occasionally, it holds on to some of its old features and apps. It is inappropriate to judge from a small base of users who still need this browser. Essentially, this is not a huge loss for this new OS.

How to enable Internet Explorer in Windows 11?

Step-1: Open the browser and then visit the below address:


Step-2: Now, you will watch a line on the top that indicates ‘Enable IE Integration.’

Step-3: Now click on the box beside that line and choose ‘IE Mode‘ from the dropdown menu.

Step-4: Make a shortcut for Edge on the desktop.

Step-5: Now, right-click on the ‘Edge’ icon and choose ‘Properties.’

Step-6: Now, add the below text to the end of the text present in the target box:


Step-7: Click ‘Apply’ and then click ‘OK.’

Step-8: Open the ‘Edge settings’ menu and select ‘More tools.’

Step-9: Now select ‘Open sites in Internet Explorer mode.’

Step-10: After it is selected, this website opens it in IE mode every time.

Microsoft Edge is the suggested replacement, and it supports IE Mode that may be helpful in certain circumstances. Thus, Windows users who still require Internet Explorer for legacy web applications can use the Microsoft Edge IE Mode feature. This feature opens a website in a legacy rendering engine to function properly.

A reinstall of Internet Explorer on Windows 11 is not possible. But to use this feature, you need to follow the above steps. A small Internet Explorer icon will be shown in the address bar, informing users that they are using IE Mode.

What is Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode in Edge?

Internet Explorer (IE) mode in Microsoft Edge conveys an effective way to use the legacy infrastructure of IE within the chromium-based Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft aims to simplify people’s lives by facilitating a single browser that holds backward compatibility with older apps and sites that utilize Trident MSHTML technology. Moreover, it is competent to execute contemporary websites and apps.

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