What is Non-Paged Pool Error In Windows 10? How To Change or Fix It?

What is Non-Paged Pool Error In Windows 10?

In case if your system memory consumption is enormous (90% or more) for Non-Paged Pool Error In Windows 10, he might have a solution.

You are probably facing the non paged Memory leak on your device. In fact, it has been quite common to find the error affecting your system now and then. How would you fix the error on your system? The tutorial below should be your best bet in that direction.

Non-Paged Pool Error In Windows 10: The Fix

Non Paged pool is a kernel memory that does not get paged into the page file when Windows applications need memory. In fact, it is that kind of memory that always stays in the physical memory and never paged out.

The non paged memory is used by kernels and the device drivers for accessing the data where you are not supposed to find page faults. Page faults can be illegal as the kernel or device driver is acquiring a spinlock. If the driver fails to honor the rules involved in executing the codes in kernel threads, it can result in severe issues like crashing. The exact amount of non paged pool memory varies and dependent upon the operating system, the architecture of your processors, and the actual physical memory size.

In essence, the non paged pool is generally represented by data used by the kernel and drivers, and other synchronization objects like mutexes, semaphores, and events.

How To Solve Non-Paged Pool Error on Windows?

How would you be able to solve the error? Here are our solutions that can be helpful enough in sorting out the issue you may be facing through the consistent Non Paged Pool Error on your device.

Disable Windows Network Data Usage Monitoring Driver

In many cases, the Windows Network Data Usage Monitoring Driver can be a reason that causes the error on your system. The driver monitors the data usage of the networks and ideally should be able to resolve the issues.

However, the driver may not be compatible with a few network adapters. If this has been the case in your instance, you can follow the steps below to disable it –

  • Access the RUN You can either do it through Windows Key+ R or typing in Run in the search bar and choosing it from search results.
  • Type in Regedit press OK.
  • Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMControlSet001ServicesNdu
  • Double click on the Start
  • Change the value to 4

Click on OK and reboot your computer.

Meanwhile, it can be a good idea to update your drivers rather than disabling it.

Disable Hyper –V

Hyper V allows you to create a virtual machine on your computer. In fact, this is the best option if you want to run two different operating systems on your system. If you are on Windows 8 or 10, this feature will be enabled by default. If you are someone who is not interested in running multiple operating systems, this may not be a feature you would consider disabling.

How to do it? Here are the steps involved in disabling your Hyper V –

  • Click on START.
  • Type in Turn On Windows Features On or Off.
  • Choose the correct option from among the search results.
  • Check if Hyper V is checked. If it has been verified – you can uncheck to disable it.
  • Confirm your selection by choosing OK.

Reboot and find if the issue has been resolved.

Disable Samsung Rapid Mode

If you have Samsung SSD in your computer, disabling the Rapid Mode can sort out the issue in your case. Rapid Mode is used to cache the data depending upon a few factors. In fact, this is done to ensure a faster performance.

Do you have a Samsung SSD and want to disable the Samsung Rapid Mode? Follow these steps to sort out the issues –

  • Click on START to bring up the START menu.
  • Type in Magician in the search field.
  • Choose the Samsung Magician feature from among the search results.
  • In the Samsung Magician Tool, go to Rapid Mode tab and Disable it if it is enabled.

Poolmon Utility

Well, Memory leaks are quite common to find on a Windows ecosystem. In fact, one of the best options you should be able to use for solving the issue would be to use the Poolmon utility that comes packed with your Windows Ecosystem.

Poolmon cannot be used to solve the issue of Non paged or paged pool memory leak errors. However, the tool can be quite helpful in identifying the pool tags that tend to use maximum bytes. Once you have identified the tags that have been causing the memory leak issues, you can take action to address the exact reasons for the memory leaks.

You may need to enable the Poolmon Utility in=f you are on Windows XP and 2000. However, we are discussing the issues on Windows 8 and 10; you would not need to enable it as it comes already enabled by default. You can use the Poolmon utility to find the amount of memory being allocated and freed by taking screenshots and tests conducted at intervals of half an hour. That would help you get a proper idea about any kind of memory leak troubling your system and provide you access to the specific tags that have been resulting in the memory leak issues.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, non paged pool error should generally be one of the errors that may be affecting your system quite frequently. In many cases, this may not be readily identifiable as your system continues to work normally. However, as the memory keeps on depleting, your computer will slow down more gradually. Ultimately when the system gets exhausted completely, your system will crash.

The best way to stay protected from the Non paged (or paged) pool errors and continue working with your computer is to address it right away. We assume the steps we have listed above should ideally work towards resolving the non paged pool errors on your system.

Let us know which among the above steps helped you achieve your goal. Also, share with us any other methods that have been helpful for you.

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