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What are the Prerequisites for Wake on Voice (WoV) in Windows 11

What are the Prerequisites for Wake on Voice (WoV) in Windows 11

There are some minimum system requirements to be met for installing Windows 11 on a PC. If these requirements are not met, then you cannot install Windows 11 on a device. In that case, you may want to consider buying a new PC.

What is Wake On Voice (WoV)?

Wake On Voice (WoV) allows users to trigger and query a speech recognition engine from a lower power state, screen off, to an entire power state, i.e. screen on. This can be accomplished by saying a keyword like “Hey Cortana.”

Pre-requisites for Wake On Voice (WoV) in Windows 11:

This feature needs a modern standby power model and microphone.

More on Wake On Voice (WoV):

This functionality enables the device to be constantly listening for the user’s voice when the particular device is operating in a low power state. The same also includes the case when the device is idle, and the screen is off. This functionality uses a listening mode that operates at lower power than relatively higher power consumption observed during typical microphone recording.

With the help of low power speech recognition, users can conveniently tell a pre-defined key phrase, for example, ‘Hey Cortana.’ This phrase will be followed by a series of speech phrases such as ‘when would be my next appointment’ that calls up speech in a hands-free way. The same will function irrespective of whether the device is currently in use or idle with the screen turned off.

The audio stack is held responsible for communicating the wake data like keyword trigger, speaker ID, and confidence level. Also, the audio stack is responsible for informing interested clients that the keyword has been identified.

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