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Azure Bot Framework – Standard vs Premium Channels Comparison

Azure Bot Framework - Standard vs Premium Channels Comparison

In this blog post, we compare Azure Bot Framework – Standard vs Premium channels to understand the differences objectively.

Standard vs Premium Channels Comparison

Criteria Standard Channels Premium Channels
Definition Includes Microsoft first-party services (e.g., Skype, Cortana, Microsoft Teams) and services with publicly available Bot APIs (e.g., Facebook, Slack). Enables communication within your own application or website.
Communication Scope Provides a range of established channels for interaction. Offers reliable communication tailored to your application or site.
Client Customization Limited customization options for the client experience. Allows customizing the client experience using open-source clients.
Availability Standard channels are widely accessible. Premium channels offer a more controlled communication context.
Bot Service Docs Refer to the Bot Service documentation for a complete list. Consult the Bot Service documentation for comprehensive details.

Channel Reference details are available here: Channels reference – Bot Service | Microsoft Learn

The comparison between Standard and Premium Channels reveals distinct characteristics for each category. Standard Channels encompass Microsoft first-party services like Skype, Cortana, and Microsoft Teams, as well as publicly available Bot APIs like Facebook and Slack.

These channels offer a variety of established interaction platforms. In contrast, Premium Channels enable communication within your own application or website, providing a more tailored and reliable communication experience.

While Standard Channels have limited client customization options for the user experience, Premium Channels offer customization flexibility using open-source clients. Standard channels are widely accessible, whereas Premium Channels offer a controlled context for communication.

For a comprehensive list of available channels and further details, one can refer to the Bot Service documentation, specifically the “Channels reference” section on Microsoft Learn.

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