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OneDrive for Business Plan 1 vs Plan 2 – Feature comparison

OneDrive for Business Plan 1 vs Plan 2

In this article, we are comparing the OneDrive for Business Plan 1 vs Plan 2 to better understand the differences in these subscription models better.

OneDrive has been one of the excellent cloud storage services from Microsoft. While the individual, freemium service (on Windows 10) has been one of the most beneficial options, you would find it one of the unique opportunities for businesses as well. Realizing the needs of the business users, Microsoft has launched an outstanding cloud-based service for the business users under the OneDrive brand.

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Labeled OneDrive for Business, the service lets you store your files on OneDrive Business and access them from anywhere on any device. You can even share them with others with the permissions that you would deem fit.

What is OneDrive for Business?

OneDrive for Busines is the best cloud storage option you can opt for if you are looking for the best options for saving your data for your business and enterprise requirements. It can be the best replacement for the My Documents or even desktop folders on your computer.

What makes it one of the excellent choices would be the fact that it provides you access to unlimited storage choices. The pricing starts at just $10 per month, and that would make it one of the excellent options you would want to opt for. That would make OneDrive storage a great choice simply because you do not need to spend money on the expensive physical or SAN storage or even replace your SMB file servers.

One of the advantages of opting for OneDrive for Business would be that you do not need to worry about data corruption, protection, or backups. No matter whether you face a hardware failure or any other similar issues, your data will always remain safer.

What makes Microsoft OneDrive for Business a great choice?

There are several advantages offered by the OneDrive for Business plans. Some of the excellent options provided by OneDrive for Business. Let us analyze a few salient benefits provided by OneDrive for Business –

  • It helps you save on storage costs – Replacing the physical storage with online storage can be an excellent option. In fact, using OneDrive for Business can save almost all your data at a fraction of the cost of your physical store. The online storage is the future and adapting to the online storage well ahead would make it one of the enormous advantages ever.
  • It seamlessly integrates with other familiar Microsoft products – Using OneDrive for Business would make it of the highly preferred options to go with because of the high degree of integration that it can achieve with other Microsoft products. It works exceptionally excellent with Outlook, SharePoint, and other essential digital commodities.
  • Available as part of different plans – You can opt for OneDrive for Business as part of multiple Microsoft 365 plans. You can either go with it with different Microsoft 365 plans or use it as a standalone pack as well.
  • Huge Storage Option – The plans come with either a 1 TB storage or unlimited storage based on which plans you opt for. That should be ample storage and should be equivalent to the physical storage or even more than that at a fraction of the total cost you would have incurred for the physical storage.

Microsoft recently introduced yet another feature to its OneDrive storage. This would be extremely useful in improving your visual experience further. OneDrive for Business can now store images shot in 3600 in a panorama mode. That would mean you can now zoom into the pictures you have shot with 3600 camera and pan your images.

OneDrive for Business Plan 1 – An Overview

OneDrive for Business Plan 1 comes with a price of $5.00 per user per month if you are opting for an annual commitment. It can be one of the excellent options for those of you who are looking for the file-sharing and OneDrive storage options.

Some of the best features offered by the plan would include –

  • 1 TB of OneDrive cloud storage per user.
  • You can store files with up to 15 GB in size.
  • You would be able to share your files either within your organization or outside the organization.
  • The OneDrive for Business Plan 1 also provides you access to both desktop and browser-based experience.
  • You would be able to sync your local copies of files and folders on a Mac or a PC so that they can be viewed offline.
  • Access the web-based versions of the familiar Office applications such as Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, and Excel. You can create or edit your files with ease.
  • Ability to move and manage the files between SharePoint and OneDrive
  • OneDrive app is available for both iOS and Android for letting you access your files from anywhere anytime.
  • Built-in search and discovery tools should be yet another added advantage. This will help you pick the relevant files with ease.
  • FastTrack Deployment capability
  • A 24 x 7 support for access through web and phone
  • The product is available under a commercial license.

OneDrive For Business Plan 2 – An Introduction

Well, the OneDrive for Business Plan 2 does offer you access to all the features available on Plan 1. In addition, you stand to gain a few further advantages as well. In case you are looking for the best possible security and compliance requirements, Plan 2 should be one of the best options you can opt for. Plan 2 comes with all the features offered by Plan 1 and a few other functions as well. The OneDrive for Business Plan 2 is available at $10 per user per month.

Some of the features offered by the platform would include –

  • The plan offers you unlimited cloud storage per user. This is in sharp contrast to the 1 TB storage provided under Plan 1
  • You can be assured of advanced prevention options to safeguard your data. This can be used to identify, monitor, and protect sensitive information.
  • The in-place holds an option that helps you protect the deletion and editing of the documents.

How do the Two Plans differ from One another?

Well, the OneDrive for Business Plan 1 comes with efficient cloud storage. You can store all your data and share it within or outside of your organization. You can synchronize your files across devices so that you will be able to have a look at them from anywhere, whether you are online or not.

OneDrive for Busines Plan 2 is what would make it a formidable choice for most of your requirements in case you require advanced security options. Additional productivity tools offered on Plan 2 should be what would make it one of the best plans you would want to go with.

The tabulated comparison chart for the best features offered by both the plan would help you pick your project effectively and efficiently.

Features OneDrive for Business Plan 1 OneDrive for Business Plan 2
OneDrive storage limit 1 TB Unlimited
Individual file size 15 GB 15 GB
Office apps online Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Desktop and browser apps Yes Yes
Transfer of files between OneDrive and SharePoint Yes, available Yes, available
Search and Discovery options Yes, available Yes, available
Sync options for local files Yes, available Yes, available
Data loss prevention No Yes, opportunities to identify, monitor and protect your sensitive information
In-Place Holds for securing files No Yes, protection for deletion and editing

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, that was a complete discussion on the two different plans, such as OneDrive for Business Plan 1 and OneDrive for Business Plan 2. As you would have checked it out clearly, Plan 1 is designed specifically for those of you who have a small scale or medium-scaled organization or for those who are looking for the best storage options over the cloud.

Plan 2, on the other hand, would be one of the prime options if you are checking out the security and compliance options. The complete discussion we have covered here and the comparison outlined here should help you make a well-informed decision based on what exactly your requirements are.

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