What are the Differences between MDX and DAX

What are the Differences between MDX and DAX


Question: What are the Differences between MDX and DAX?


  • DAX is based on Excel based Expression language with a lower learning curve. MDX is based on a multidimensional concept where you can query a Cube to get dimensions and measures as results.
  • MDX cannot be used to Query Direct Query Models, whereas DAX can. At the time of release, DAX could not be used to query Multidimensional Models.
  • There are no named sets or calculated members in DAX. You can use calculated columns to create new fields in the data model. For MDX, it is designed for multidimensional functionalities like scopes and assignments.
  • Advanced concepts like Parent-Child relationships, Many to Many, attribute relationships, key vs. Name etc. are possible in multi-dimensional concepts. DAX is mainly suited for model calculations and simple analytics.

If you are familiar with SQL more than the complex MDX expressions, the concept of using filtering and aggregating methods in DAX will be more familiar to you and your customers.

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