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WebEx vs GoToMeeting Comparison Pricing Alternatives and Security

WebEx vs GoToMeeting

Online meeting tools and collaboration tools are what would make it an excellent option for the expansion of your business. They help you achieve remote communication and online meetings with your colleagues, teams, and clients. In fact, the web technology has been capable of bringing a new trend of globalization and a greater scaling.  Two such capable tools in this sphere are Cisco WebEx vs GoToMeeting. We will make a comparison between the two intelligent systems and analyze the features so that you will be able to arrive at a perfect choice between the two.

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WebEx vs GoToMeeting – Side By Side Comparison

Well, the two capable collaboration tools can best be compared if we can analyze them based on the key factors. We will check out the functionality of either of the online meeting tools and compare them side by side based on a few critical parameters.

The Beginning

WebEx was founded in the year 1996. It was referred to as Active Touchback then and was renamed WebEx after Cisco acquired it in 2007. It has now been made part of the larger collaboration suite by Cisco. It boasts of a host of huge names among its client base, some worthy mentions among which can be Sapiem, Cabela’s, and Georgetown Law University.

GoToMeeting, on the other hand, is the latest entrant in the arena and is developed by Citrix. It is a part of a more extensive suite that includes GoToMyPC, GoToAssist, GoToWebinar, and GoToTraining. A few customers include Arizona State University and Fujitsu.

The Interface

Well, the interface is what would make your interaction with the software appealing or appalling. Both of them come with platform-specific applications. Both WebEx and GoToMeeting support almost the same platforms. You can find them supporting Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Windows Phone. WebEx supports an additional option in Linux.

GoToMeeting has been considered to offer an extremely great user-friendly interface. In fact, you should be able to use it even when you are not used to web meetings. Opting for a user account or inviting an attendee should also be more straightforward enough. Integration with Outlook is what would help you with the task. WebEx, on the other hand, is not that flexible concerning user-friendliness. It can take a while to master the service. Built-in integration with Outlook is not available, but you will need to install the add-on.

Audio Video Conferencing

Vendors provide you with powerful and effective web-based communication options. WebEx lets you begin a meeting in several variants. You may create a URL, invite them through an email ID or through a program you are currently working with. It can even work with non-WebEX users in what is called “Call Me” feature.

GoToMeeting also helps you launch your sessions in a variety of options. It too offers you the option to an email ID, a third party app or from a web app. But, one of the features that make GoToMeeting inferior is the lack of interoperability that WebEx offers you. They do not provide a “Call Me” function either.

The number of video feeds supported by WebEx is seven, while GoToMeeting will provide you with six simultaneous video feeds. That should make them compatible with a minor difference.

Screen Sharing and File Sharing

Both the WebEx and GoToMeeting offer you the possibility of sharing your desktop. You can let other users see your desktop, and you can also allow them to take control of the session on a temporary basis. They can also be allowed to handle a particular meeting of the presentation entirely.

File Sharing is a feature that can be a differentiator. While WebEx offers you fare degree of file sharing capabilities, you would not be able to find it on GoToMeeting.

The Features

GoToMeeting is an ideally more straightforward tool than WebEx. The browser-based tool is quite simple to use and lets the members meet and communicate with each other at any time anywhere. You do not need to download and install any app for the ability to use the tool. Some of the features you would love to include more straightforward and intuitive interface, more natural instant messaging capability, screen and application sharing, integration with Outlook and Meeting recordings are just a few essential and useful features.

WebEx, on the other hand, offers you several additional features you may not find on GoToMeeting. If you are looking for advanced web meetings, WebEx is your best option by any standard. You have almost all the features that GoToMeeting provides you including instant messaging, meeting recordings, screen and application sharing and attendance reporting. However, it offers you a few additional features like file sharing, the ability to invite attendees from third-party non-WebEx users and similar other high-end features.

GoToMeeting supports up to 15 attendees in the basic plan, while WebEx lets you have 25 attendees in the primary program.


This is an area that has received the highest accolades for GoToMeeting. From the reliability point of view, the service has data centers spread across the world and thus offers an audio/video quality that is consistent enough. The service provides you with the following security measures –

  • SSL encryption for the website
  • Encryption with 128 bit AES end to end security
  • Timeout after a stipulated time of inactivity

WebEx too offers you quite exciting and reliable service. You can be assured of the most excellent audio and video quality. You can access the following security measures –

  • Switched architecture never saves any of the information.
  • SSL encryption for the website.


GoToMeeting has starter plan at $ 19 per month. The Pro plan is available at $ 29. You have access to a 14-day free trial is provided. The highest plan can let you work with 100 attendees. WebEx has several plans of which Premium 25 is available at $ 19.95 per month. It supports up to 25 members.

The pricing of both the services remains almost similar across plans. We do not find any significant differences between the programs.

The Parting Thoughts

Features and pricing are almost similar across multiple vital aspects for both the services. So, the final decision should be dependent upon your preferences and exact needs. What are you looking forward to regarding user interface? If you are opting for collapsible menus, you can go with GoToMeeting and in case you are looking for a dedicated window – you would go with WebEx.

Like it is typical for any comparison, you should choose what is best for your exact needs than what is the best in a general sense. Go through the comparison and opt for the one that meets your requirements.

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