How to Disable or Turn off Lens Search in Google Chrome? Steps

How to Disable or Turn off Lens Search in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers that are most popular in the Android ecosystem. One of the best features that you would find quite compelling is using the AI-enabled Google Lens search functionality.

What if you do not want to disable the Google Lens search option and use the regular search option instead? Let us find the best choices for the purpose.

What is Google Lens Search?

Google Lens is a computer vision-based service that provides you a full-fledged experience in almost every degree of expertise within Google search. It can be one of the prime choices for enjoying one of the exciting options in identifying objects such as plants and animals and even exploring the locales.

You can check out the options for finding visually similar images and handle a host of other options. Google Lens does let you know Search for what you see. You can use your camera or the existing image to help you discover any related content.

The Google Lens service gathers all the details from all over the internet. You would enjoy the experience of appreciating every aspect of the image or anything else that you may be looking ahead to.

How to turn off Lens Search in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome makes it relatively straightforward to disable the Lens Search feature and bring back the older and standard Search Google for This Image. You would be able to do it with ease on Chrome on Android and desktop.

Disable Chrome’s Lens Search Option on Android

For activating the Lens Search option on your Android device, you can follow the simple steps and opportunities to achieve this method.

Follow the steps here below –

  • Launch Google Chrome
  • Tap on the address bar, type the following code, and press ENTER in Chrome.
  • On the Experiments page that would open, tap on search flags
  • Enter the following command


  • Look for the options Google Lens Powered Image Search in the Context Menu

  • Under it, tap on Default.
  • From the option offered to you, pick the option for Disabled.

You should find the option for the relaunch. This will open Chrome once again. You can check out the search options now again, and you will get access to the traditional Search Google for This Image option.

Turn Off Chrome’s Lens Search Feature on Desktop:

Getting rid of Chrome’s Lens Search Feature on Desktop can be pretty straightforward. The steps are equally accessible and simple just like the Android version.

Here are the steps involved in how to disable the Chrome Lens search feature on the desktop –

  • On the Chrome browser, type the following in the address bar
  • In the Search flags box, type in the following command


  • Check out the options for Enable Lens Features in Chrome; pick the option for Disabled.

You can take your changes to take effect by clicking the Relaunch option.

Use “Try it” to Use Old Reverse Image Search:

The next best option to help you how to disable Lens search in Google Chrome is to use the Try It option.

There are situations where you may be looking forward to using Google Lens and yet look for the options for looking for the prospects for checking out the option for Google images in case the results from Google Lens do not match what you are expecting.

Google does let you search for images on Google search. We will check out the steps you can follow in this context.

Step 1 – Right-click on an image and search for it using the Default Google Lens.

Step 2 – On the results page, you can scroll down. Scroll down until you find the option for Didn’t find what you were looking for? Retry with Google Images. Click on the Try It option that you would next to it.

Step 3 – Click on TRY IT to search for the image using Google Search.

That should do it. You will be able to search the Image on Google Search. You can also check out the image through Launch the link on another tab and drag your images to the tab to search the Image in Google.

Use Search Extension for Image Search

Yet another method that can be pretty practical and useful in helping you search for the image using Google search. Search By image is a great extension that can be handy in this context.

The extension is designed to provide you with one of the easiest and best options in reverse image search. The extension can be a great option to help you look for your image on different platforms. Right-click on the image and click on the search engine you want to look for.

Follow the steps here below to search your images using the extension –

  • Get your extension through the Chrome web store from this link.

  • Right-click on the image and click on the option for Search by Image

  • Search the Google Search engine here to search for your Image on Google

You may also choose the option for all search engines so that you would be able to search for your image on all the supported search engines. If you do not want to use any other search engines and need to use Google as the only search engine on the extension.

To do this, you can go to the extension settings and uncheck all other search engines except for Google Images.

The Concluding Thoughts

Google Lens can be one of the excellent options for Google Search options. It can be a perfect option for getting access to a better degree of search capability.

Disabling the Google Lens search and switching back to the Google images can be pretty easy if you are not comfortable with the Google Lens search option.

The steps explained above should ideally help provide you with a better performance.

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