How to Switch and Move from Windows 10S Mode Permanently – Steps

Move from Windows 10S Mode

In this article, we explain how to switch and move from Windows 10s Mode permanently. Check out our post below where we explain the step by step process.

For lower-end devices, Microsoft has designed Windows 10 S to facilitate as a lightweight and a secure version of Windows 10 OS. The term lightweight implies that when in S mode, Windows OS would only support apps (UWP) which are easily downloaded from the Windows Store.

In this mode, this OS is exclusively designed in terms of security and performance, and it operates apps only from the Microsoft Store. In case you need to install an app it needs to be obtained from the Microsoft Store.

It is inevitable to switch out of S mode. Since the apps are run in a sandboxed environment, the lightweight version of Windows 10 S is more secure and capable of handling the performance requirement in a better manner. Primarily, it is designed for delivering superior performance.

The Windows 10 S Mode facilitates enterprises to convey swift performance with enhanced security by simply locking users to the Microsoft Store apps. This is because they could not download external software from 3rd party vendors.

Several users purchase laptops with Windows 10 S and later on switch to Windows 10 Pro to prevent such restrictions. It is not a complicated process to get out of the S Mode and then switch to a fully working edition of Windows 10.

Even after several years of its initial release, the Windows 10 S continues to be a considerable part of the Windows 10 landscape. When you attempt to find a must-have app which is not present in the Microsoft Store inside the Windows 10 S, it is possible to switch from to Windows 10 Home or Pro from Windows 10 S.

This can be done by going on to the Windows Store, and then you have to search for ‘switch out of S Mode.’

Initially, Microsoft was charging a fee for offering this service; however, it is available at free of cost now. One thing to note is that the Microsoft Surface Go (and Surface Book) already comes pre-installed with Windows 10 Home in S mode which was formerly recognized as Windows 10 S.

About Windows S Mode:

It is unnecessary to go back, so it is best to consider whether you want S Mode before switching. The S Mode is a more locked-down mode specially designed for specific use cases. When operated in S Mode, your computer could only install apps from the store. It implies that you can merely browse the web in Microsoft Edge, but you could not install Firefox or Chrome.

It is important to note that you could not change the default search engine of Edge in S Mode. Different developer tools like the command line shells like Bash and PowerShell are out of limits. In case you attempt to run software that is not allowed, you would observe a message illustrating you are only allowed getting the software from the store.

For several Windows users, such limitations are not acceptable. When in situations you require applications that are no present in the store then you should disable S Mode to run them. Such kinds of restrictions may make it difficult for malware to attack your system. If you only need a web browser, Microsoft Office, and other essential applications that are present in the Store, then it is the best to consider S Mode.

During the situations when you lend your PC to a student, employee, or someone with less experience who only require such basic applications, then S Mode will assist in keeping the PC secure. It is known that this mode locks installation of apps just from the Microsoft Store to prevent the download of risky .exe apps through a web browser.

It is not costly to leave S mode, and it can be done at free of cost. Before the release of Windows 10 in S Mode, Microsoft intended to levy a fee of $50 in order to allow switching to the standard desktop edition of Windows 10. We guess that the plan did never took off the ground.

When Windows 10 is run in S mode, it is anticipated to facilitate the enhanced touch experience. This is because the apps belonging from the Microsoft Store would not deteriorate or decrease the pace on your Surface Go.  However, occasionally, you only need an app, and the same is not available on the store, or you face some restrictions of the particular mode.

Fortunately, the process to switch out of Windows 10 in S mode is extremely simple. The entire process would be completed in a few seconds, and there is no need to restart your system. In case you intend to install an app which is unavailable in the Microsoft Store then it is required to switch out of S mode. It is important to note that switching out of S mode is a one-way process. When you make the switch, do remember that you will be unable to come back to Windows 10 in S mode. Most users go for switching because it can be done at free of cost.

Steps to switch and Move from Windows 10S Mode:

  • Step-1: On your computer that runs on Windows 10 in S mode, you need to open Settings and then choose Update & Security. After that, select Activation.
  • Step-2: There you will find the Switch to Windows 10 Home or Switch to Windows 10 Pro section, from there you have to choose Go to the Store. In case you observe an article entitled ‘Upgrade your edition of Windows,’ make sure you do not click the ‘Go to the Store’ link showing up there.
  • Step-3: In this step, on the Switch out of S mode page appearing in the Microsoft Store, you have to choose the Get button. Once you observe a confirmation message displayed on the page, it is now possible to install apps from the exterior of the Microsoft Store.


Though Windows 10 in S mode is primarily built for security and enhanced performance. But, the style is not suitable for every user. The users get flexibility from Microsoft to choose the version.  It is easy and free of cost to switch and move from Windows 10. Unfortunately, it is not at all simple to go back to S mode. Therefore, it is always recommended to think carefully for the same and make a reasonable decision before hitting the Get button.

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