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Comparing Microsoft Visio Plan 1 vs Plan 2 – What is the difference?

Microsoft Visio Plan 1 vs Plan 2

In this article, we are comparing the Microsoft Visio Plan 1 vs Plan 2 to better understand the product choices.

Microsoft Visio is designed to create diagrams, and it handles the task more conveniently when compared to the other platforms that promise to do it. Right from flowcharts to graphs to floor plans, you would find that Microsoft Visio as one of the excellent choices.

You can use Microsoft Visio for a wide range of application areas. It can be used for both simple and complicated diagrams. You can utilize the platform with a wide range of tools, such as built-in shapes, objects, and stencils. The key is the help you create your diagrams rather simple and more accessible. As long term users, we use Visio and make diagramming easier.

Microsoft made Visio available under the Online subscription model with two different subscription plans. Visio Online went into service in March 2017 and was made available as part of the Office 365 subscribers. Microsoft Visio Online Plan 1 is available at $5 per user per month, while Plan 2 is equipped with expanded options with a subscription charge of $15 per month per user.

Microsoft Visio Plan 1 vs Plan 2:

How do the two plans compare with one another? Let us check out the salient features offered by each of the programs.

Microsoft Visio Plan 1 – An Overview

The plan provides you access to an enhanced experience in making you’re diagramming extremely simple and easy. It can create a wide range of diagrams that include flowcharts, diagrams, org charts, floor plans, engineering designs, and many more other drawings. The integrated Microsoft Office experience should further improve your experience.

Some of the salient features offered by the Microsoft Visio Plan 1 would include –

  • Easier collaboration options to work together – While you can create your diagrams easily with the tool, you would also be able to collaborate and work in sync with your teammates. You can even add feedback through the comments posted online.
  • OneDrive Cloud storage- Visio Plan 1 comes with 2 GB of free OneDrive cloud storage. You can even store and share your data seamlessly with the included online cloud storage.
  • Regular Updates – Get assured scheduled updates to your apps. This will ensure that you have access to the latest updates. Visio is always connected to the internet, and this will keep your Visio app continually updated.
  • Build your diagrams with built-in templates – Microsoft Visio comes with a massive number of templates that let you create layouts of varied nature. You can create block diagrams, flowcharts, timelines, and other specifications.
  • Easier sharing options – Visio provides you access to an enhanced experience in sharing your diagrams with practically everyone on the web. You can be assured of the best degree of visibility and compliance.
  • Anywhere access – Microsoft Visio is accessible on the go. The online availability will ensure that you can access your creations on the go anywhere – either on apps or on a browser.
  • Get around the clock support – You can be assured of constant support from Microsoft.
  • Familiar Experience – Begin your diagramming exercises right away with plenty of templates, modern UI, and access to your regular Office apps.

You can be assured of a wholly professional and collaborative experience. You can visualize and communicate your ideas from practically anywhere. A versatile functionality that works with varied needs in diagramming would be what would make it one of the extremely preferred options ever.

The plan is available for $5 per user per month with the annual commitment. If you are opting for a monthly commitment, you would be charged at $6 per user per month.

Microsoft Visio Plan 1 has the following options –

  • Get access to both the web version and an offline version of the app.
  • Get a 2 GB OneDrive cloud storage.
  • You can begin diagramming with an intuitive interface that provides you with a more straightforward UI.
  • You can pick your pick of templates, shapes, and starter diagrams.
  • You get 24/7 around the clock support.
  • Use Visio in sync with Microsoft Teams.
  • You can share and save your work on the web and have access to it from practically anywhere.

Compatibility – Windows 7 SP1 to Windows 10, 32-bit or 64-bit OS only

Microsoft Visio Plan 2 – A Sneak Peek

The Microsoft Visio Plan 2 can be an extension of Plan 1. It takes ahead the reins from where Plan 1 leaves it. The plan lets you connect your Visio plan with Microsoft 365. It can help create professional-quality flowcharts and diagrams while being connected to the real-time data.

Some of the features offered by Microsoft Visio Plan 2 can include –

  • Get access to it from anywhere – Accessibility from anywhere with the iPad app or through a browser makes it one of the excellent options. You will get access to an always-connected atmosphere.
  • Versatility and flexible templates – Visio Plan 2 provide you access to readymade templates, themes, and multiple shapes. You have access to more than 250,000 shapes to choose from.
  • Bring your diagrams to life – You can convert your complex ideas into simple shapes and layouts. You can work with a huge number of data overlays, colors, icons, and graphic options.
  • Importing DWG files – You can even use Visio with AutoCAD. This provides you access to an advanced level of visualization.
  • Support for a wide range of industry standards to choose from – The templates and drawings created on Visio plan 2 are compatible with industry standards that include Unified Modeling Language (UML) 2.5, Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0, and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
  • Easier Collaboration – Multiple users working on the same project can ensure that you can create your diagrams and shapes rather quickly and faster. Collaboration can be achieved with the help of a web-based link, attachment, PowerPoint, image, or PDF.
  • OneDrive cloud storage – You get access to 2 GB of free OneDrive cloud storage. This can be useful in storing and sharing your ideas with ease.
  • Customized experience – Microsoft Visio provides you access to a beautifully customized experience through a robust architecture and gets access to a high degree of personalization.

If you are exclusively into diagramming and want a tool that is rather simple and easy to work with, Visio Plan 2 should be one of the excellent options. The Built-in data graphics can be yet another excellent option to ensure that you will get access to a real-world visualization.

The plan is available at $15 per user per month if you are opting for an annual commitment. If you are opting for the monthly commitment, you will be charged at $ 18 per user per month.

Visio Plan 2 comes with the following options –

  • You can get access to the offline Visio app on up to 5 devices.
  • 2 TB of OneDrive for Business cloud storage per user.
  • You can get all the features available on Plan 1 on this plan as well. You can also get access to additional features in the form of Microsoft Flow or Word, Excel data visualizer, and PowerPoint slide snippets.
  • Connectivity with external data sources. You can embed Visio diagrams with Power BI (of course, you will need to opt for Power BI separately).
  • You can store and share your work almost anywhere.
  • You also get 27/7, round the clock support from Microsoft.

Compatibility – Windows 7 SP1 to Windows 10, 32-bit or 64-bit OS only

How do the Two plans compare with each other?

Well, that was all about Visio Plan 1 and Plan 2 and a concise overview of the two plans. However, having a head to head comparison between the two can help arrive at the best possible experience in differentiating them.

Features Visio Plan 1 Visio Plan 2
Templates and modern UI Yes Yes
Options to create block diagrams, flowcharts, timelines, and Specification and Description Language (SDL) diagrams Yes Yes
Sharing via a web-based link, attachment, image, or PDF Yes Yes
Replay comments online Yes Yes
Cloud storage Yes, 2 GB Yes, 2 GB
Up to date desktop app availability No Yes
Support for industry standards No Yes, support for BPMN 2.0, UML 2.5, and IEEE
Templates No readymade templates and 250,000 shapes
Easy creation and customization of diagrams No Yes
Integration with Power BI No Yes
Support for AutoCAD drawings No Yes
Data visualization No Yes
Communication No Yes, in a browser or iPad app
Microsoft 365 support No Yes

The Closing Thoughts

Well, that was the complete comparison between the two plans available under Microsoft Visio. We assume the information offered here should ideally help you get access to an enhanced experience. The details shared here should ideally help you pick the right plans based on the precise requirements you may have.

Check out the options and plans shared above and get access to the best possible experience ever.

Disclaimer: The Questions and Answers provided on are for general information purposes only. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose.

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