How to Manage delete or remove third party app access to Google account

How to Manage delete or remove third party app access to Google account

To help you safely share your data, Google allows you to give the third-party app limited access to different attributes of your account. Some other developers and companies create these third-party apps. To understand this, for example, you might download an app that allows you to schedule your work. Such apps might request access to your Google Calendar and Contacts.

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Before knowing how to manage or delete the entrance of the third-party apps access to your Google account, let’s first understand the different app permissions.

What are the different app permissions?

Google permits developers to request three different levels of information. These levels are necessary, read & write, and full access. It is known that each of these levels presents deep access. For certain apps, the app permission is necessary, while other apps would just ask you’re essential information like your email address and name. Whenever you view the apps that are provided with authority, the next things you will do will be mentioned beside them.

How to manage third-party app access to your Google account?

It is easy to manage it by unlinking third services from Google. Follow the below steps if you have linked your Google Account through a third-party app:

  • Navigate to the third service from where you linked your Google Account.
  • Now you have to choose a section like apps, linked accounts, and connected accounts. You will find these sections in the Settings section of the service.
  • Finally, follow the instructions from the third-party service app to unlink Google’s access.

It is important to note that few third-party apps might not give an option for unlinking your account from Google.

If you have linked your Google Account through a Google service, follow the below step:

Check for the linked accounts page:

  • First of all, go to the linked accounts page in your Google Account. If you haven’t sign in, do it.
  • In this step, you have to choose the third-party app you need to unlink from your Google Account. After that, click on ‘Unlink.’

How to remove third-party app access to Google account?

It happens that you provided account access to an app that you no more trust or use. Also, if you have clicked on a phishing scam, then you may have unknowingly provided malicious third-party app access for those apps to your Google account. Such malicious apps may send scam emails to all your linked contacts.

You can easily remove its access from your Google Account. When you follow the below steps, the particular app will be unable to access any information from your Google Account. Make sure you may have to request that they delete the data which they already have.

  • First of all, go to your Google Account from the below link: (
  • Now from the left navigation panel, click on ‘Security.’
  • Within the third-party apps having an account access panel, you need to choose Manage third-party access.
  • In this step, select the site or app you need to remove.
  • Finally, choose ‘Remove Access.’

Concluding Note:

To stay protected while accessing your Google Account, the essential thing is to manage or remove its access. Following these procedures will help you secure your Google Account from malicious third-party apps.

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