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Fix Windows Server 2019 Boot Issues or System Startup Failure – Steps

Fix Windows Server 2019 Boot Issues

In this article, we help you to fix Windows Server 2019 Boot issues with necessary troubleshooting steps. Read along to know more!

So you have installed Windows Server 2019, and the system is not booting up for some reason. This can indeed be a devastating and annoying experience. While it may not be much easy to come up with a real solution and resolve boot-up issues on your Windows Server, we may be able to resolve the issue by trying out a few options. We have listed out the steps below, which should be easy to follow for most IT Professionals.

What causes the Windows Server Boot Failure?

Windows Server 2019 can fail to boot for a variety of reasons and analyzing the exact reason may not be that easy and straightforward. Whatever be the cause, the primary factor that causes your device fails to boot would be the corruption or any other issue affecting your boot files.

You can check out the options to repair the boot files with ease. The solutions, as we said, will be dependent upon what is causing the problem. Let us attempt resolving the boot issues on your Windows Server 2019.

How to Fix Windows Server 2019 Boot Issues?

One of the best solutions that can be useful in resolving the boot failure on your Windows Server 2019 would be to use DISKPART utility. It has been observed to be the real troubleshooter in most of the cases.

Here are the steps that should help you address the bot issue with an easy to use interface and procedure.

Step 1 – The Prerequisites

Before you begin using the DISPART utility, start with the following steps to start using the DISKPART utility for your boot issues.

  • Boot your computer to the Windows Server DVD
  • Click on Repair your computer.
  • You may need to click on the appropriate links if you need drivers. Check out the prompts provided on your computer screen.

Once you have configured your drivers if they are needed, launch Command Prompt. You can launch it using the SHIFT+10 key.

Step 2 – Run the DiskPart utility

The next step would take you to the actual problem solving the task. Follow the steps as in the instructions provided herein –

  • Type in the following command on the Command Prompt.


  • On getting the Diskpart prompt, type in the following command

    Disk Vol

  • Check the disk letter associated with your DVD drive. Note it down. You will need it for the upcoming steps.
  • Next, type in the following command on the Command Prompt. Replace X with the correct drive letter you have noted down from the previous DiskPart screen.

    Select Vol X.

  • This will make the chosen drive the active one for your installation.
  • Come back to Command Prompt and type in the following command

    Copy f: BootMgr c:

This step will help overwrite the files on your system drive. However, if the Boot Manager is already available on your system, you will be asked to confirm whether you would want to overwrite it or copy the files. You can confirm by pressing whether Y or N.

Step 3 – Complete the task

Well, the last step in fixing the Windows Server 2019 boot issues would involve applying the changes and making the copied files to the default boot file location for your Windows Server installation path or directory.

Follow the steps here in the below instructions –

  • Go back to the Command Prompt and enter the following command
    Bootrec /Fixmbr
  • Repeat it with the following commands as well. Please ensure that you press ENTER after each of those commands.
    Bootrec /Fixboot
    Bootrec /rebuildBCD

The above Bootrec /Fixboot command will fix the boot files on your server. The Bootrec /rebuildBCD command scans your computer for the Windows installation files. It will list out the installation files if it finds any.

You will now be expected to confirm whether you want to add them to Boot Configuration Database or BCD. Confirm your choice by typing in Y.

If everything goes well, your system should now be configured to boot from the standard partition on your computer — exit from the DiskPart utility and reboot into your Windows Server in the normal mode.

Above steps didn’t work? These may be the reasons…

The Bootrec/rebuildBCD command that we used above should ideally solve most of the issues on your system. The system will rebuild the BCD files continuously as long as you have the installation files available on your computer.

There are instances when the command is likely to fail. Here are the reasons that this can happen.

  • Your device may already have the BCD or Boot Configuration Database
  • The operating system itself may have issues.
  • The operating system may have significant damages and may need to be addressed.

If the operating system has been damaged beyond repair, you will be forced to reinstall it from scratch.

Any Other Solutions to address the Windows Server 2019 failure?

The best option to address the Windows Server 2019 would be to use the above installation options. If both of these commands fail, you have no other options except for performing a full format installation. Annoying it may be, but there would be no other option than reinstalling your device.

Of course, you can check for any hardware issues before you resort to the option of a full format reinstall. A few ports or other hardware elements may have got damaged. Discussion of those failures is beyond the scope of this post.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, like we already mentioned and made it clear in the previous sections, the boot issues on your Windows Server 2019 can have several reasons and one of the best solutions that should ideally address the concern is to use the DiskPart utility. The major issues that cause the bootup problems can be the corrupted operating system or the corrupt boot files. While the damaged boot files can be addressed and the issue resolved with the help of DiskPart utility, you would need to be extra careful when handling the operating system issues.

Have you been able to find any other resolutions for the boot issues on Windows Server 2019? Do share your tips and tricks with us.

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