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How To Download Yahoo Mail to PST and Transfer File To Local Computer

How To Download Yahoo Mail to PST and Transfer File To Local Computer

If you looking for options to download Yahoo Mail to PST then you have landed in the right spot.

In the past ten years, Yahoo Mail has been the target of hackers on multiple occasions. However, the same does not negatively influence the popularity of Yahoo Mail among its loyal users. Either for necessity or passion, some people continue using it. For several Internet users, it has remained as the primary email ID. If you are using it, then you should know how to export Yahoo emails to your computer.  You might need an offline backup of your important emails or documents. This is where backup tools become handy.

The present article highlights different techniques to easily backup Yahoo emails and stores locally on your PC. Some of the methods are manual while some use automatic approach. When you carefully continue reading this article, you will get the solution of queries like how to download yahoo mail to PST, how to export yahoo email folder to PST file, Yahoo to PST export tool, export yahoo mails to Outlook PST format, and export yahoo mail folders to outlook 2007, 2010, 2013, 20016, 2019, etc.

If you are among those who are looking to get a solution to any of these queries then this article will be highly useful. Downloading Yahoo mail to PST will let your computer backup data effectively. Let’s have a look at different sections on how to download yahoo mail to PST:

Download Yahoo Mail to PST – Significance of Exporting Yahoo Emails to your Computer:

Every cautious Yahoo mail user must have to export their emails into their computer to back up their data. Since the past years reflect the fact about how the credentials of every current Yahoo account have been compromised. The same can happen again. In case few ransomware attackers attain to get hold of your Yahoo data and avert you from recovering it then it would cost you millions. With the Intent to protect yourself from this kind of unanticipated scenario, it is a recommended idea to export all your Yahoo data into your computer system. Therefore, during the data theft and data loss, you will get another copy of your Yahoo data.

Using SysTools Yahoo Backup Software: ( )

Microsoft mainly develops PST (Personal Storage Table) file format for MS Outlook. Essentially, PST file is a master repository file widely used for storing emails, labels, folders, attachments, and every other content-types that is utilized by Outlook. Yahoo Mail is alternatively referred to as Ymail. It was started back in 1997, and it comes with the sufficient storage capacity of 1 TB. It allows the user to send emails of up to 25 MB comprising of attachments.

The users will be able to easily access Yahoo Mail directly from the web or by the use of any third-party email client application. It is important to note that Yahoo mail does not offer any authorized solution to export backup of Yahoo mail mailbox. In order to export the backup of Yahoo mailbox into PST file format, it is possible to use Advik Yahoo Backup tool. It is the tool that enables users to export backup of Yahoo mail in many different file formats.

When the need arises to implement automatic methods to export Yahoo emails into the computer, actually there are numerous applications available. To avoid any data loss, it is best to use the SysTools Yahoo Backup Tool. To get more details of this tool, you can refer This app is capable of migrating all of the emails from your Yahoo Mail account to your PC seamlessly.

There is no need to carry out the extended configuration process because this tool is mainly developed to streamline the export process. Users can accomplish the entire process of exporting Yahoo emails to PC in 4 simple steps; let’s look at these steps:

  • i.)  Download and open the application on your computer and fill the ID and password of your chosen Yahoo account.
  • ii.) In the subsequent screen, choose any format among the PST, EML, MBOX, and MSG formats. Furthermore, select the destination folder and then hit Start.
  • iii.) Now you have to choose single or multiple folders to export Yahoo data into your computer.  Alternatively, you can utilize the Time Interval option if you need to filter the emails for migration.
  • iv.) When the above steps are successfully completed, hit Start. Now all your selected Yahoo emails would get exported into your PC.

Reasons to Choose SysTools Yahoo Backup Tool:

  • Capable of exporting Yahoo emails to hard disk or computer or pen drive
  • Presents option to save data in diverse file formats like EML, PST, MSG, and MBOX
  • A feature of bandwidth throttling and time slot scheduling is available
  • Comes with the filtering option for selective Yahoo Mail email migration

Using Advik Yahoo Backup Tool: ( ).

The Advik Yahoo backup tool comes with lots of advanced features, making it stand out from the crowd.  With the help of this software, you will be able to easily download all the messages from every folder of your Yahoo mail account. Moreover, it can quickly transfer your emails from outbox, inbox, sent items, and every other customized folder into the local hard disk.

One of the most appealing features of the Advik tool is the IMAP migration feature. It is this feature that plays a significant role. It facilitates easy transfer of your Yahoo emails, calendar data, and contacts, etc. into any webmail or cloud mail service provider.

There is no need to use any extra configuration or technical support. In addition to this feature, this Yahoo Email Backup tool enables the user to save and archive Yahoo emails to several different formats. Names of these formats are PST, MSG, EML, RTX, MBOX, EMLX, HTML, DOC etc.  Therefore, you will be able to access your Ymails to some other email clients, including Thunderbird, MS Outlook, Zimbra, Windows Live Mail, etc.

Take a look at the significant features of the Advik Yahoo backup tool:

  • Zero data loss during the export process
  • Maintain Folder Structure
  • No change in the layout of the email
  • Upkeeps key elements
  • Conserves Metadata
  • Advanced filter option
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Precise outcome
  • Straightforward user interface
  • 100% secure
  • Affordably priced
  • Helpful customer support and many more

Exporting Yahoo Mail to PST file format using Advik Yahoo Backup software:

With the help of the Advik Yahoo Backup Software, it is quite simple to export Yahoo mailbox to PST file format. There is no need to gain exceptional expertise to do the same. You only need to follow the steps mentioned below in order download the backup of Yahoo Mail into PST file format:

  • Step-1: Open the tool and fill in your Yahoo login credential
  • Step-2: Choose mailbox folders that you wish to export
  • Step-3: Choose PST from the Select Saving option
  • Step-4: Finally, hit the Convert button.

After following the above steps, the tool will instantly begin the exporting process. Once this process gets over, the tool will inform you, and then you need to hit OK. Now you can effortlessly import this converted PST files into Outlook to gain access to Yahoo emails in the absence of any configuration.

Downloading Yahoo Emails to a computer or local system or hard drive:

Indeed, the Yahoo Mail does not come up with an export option to enable users to migrate their data into their system seamlessly. The users can copy and paste all the emails which they wish to save to their system with the use of any text editor.  Alternatively, they can separately save every email by just opening the email and then press CTRL+P keys. During the instance when printing is prompted, hit Save to save the email into PDF format. This process consumes time and intimidating. So, take a look at the two varied approaches to export your Yahoo emails to your computer:

(i.) Manual Method:

The manual method insists on configuring your Yahoo Mail account to a desktop-based email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird or MS Outlook. The plus point about Yahoo is that it provides a direct IMAP connection for all its users.

Consequently, the users need not manually enable IMAP in Yahoo. They need to enter the Yahoo ID and password to add the account over the desktop-based emails. Before doing that, visit Yahoo’s Account settings and disable two-factor authentication. Also, enable access for “Less Secure Apps.”

Inside the particular desktop-based email, check whether Yahoo’s IMAP server settings are correctly configured. Once the configuration is done correctly, all of the Yahoo emails can be flawlessly accessed right from the desktop-based email. The users will be able to drag and drop their significant Yahoo emails on the desktop to save those emails. Furthermore, they can export the folder-wise data with the use of add-on names ImportExport Tool.

What are the limitations of Manual approach?

It is possible to export the Yahoo emails directly to the computer with the use of the manual method, but it seems inconvenient for the user. Initially, the users have to get the assistance of a desktop-based email client to implement the process. When they accept the procedure of drag and drop for selective email export, a lot of time gets wasted.

By manually exporting the data, the users would be able to access emails in any specific format. All such drawbacks suggest that it is always recommended to implement the automated method.

How to Backup Yahoo Mail to Computer using the Yahoo Email Backup Tool?

A glance at the essential aspects related to backup of Yahoo Mail to a computer with the help of Yahoo Email backup tool:

  • Allows archiving of Yahoo Email folders to different formats like PST, EML, MSG, and MBOX
  • Easy download of Yahoo Email into PC, hard drive or USB.
  • The Yahoo Mail Backup Tool facilitates effortlessly pause and resume type downloading procedure.
  • Can retrieve Yahoo Email from one or more than one accounts.
  • Allows use of Date-Based Filter on the Emails for Selective Conversion
  • There is an option to Set Internet Bandwidth as well as Throttling
  • It is mandatory to install Outlook to Export Yahoo Mail into PST file format
  • Continuous Internet Connection is vital for the process

Some of the features of the Yahoo Email Backup Tool is given below:

  • Can save Yahoo Mail folders to hard drive-

The Yahoo Email Backup Tool comes with the functionality to download the Yahoo Mail folders that include inbox, sent the item, drafts, and trash to a computer or hard drive or USB. It can seamlessly transfer whole mailbox data inside a single account into a personal storage file.

  • Presents an option to delete Emails once downloaded-

The emails can be kept on the server after they are backed up or removed. The Yahoo Email Backup Tool facilitates the users to save a copy of the Yahoo mail archive directly on the local machine. By the use of the Yahoo Archive software, the users will be able to delete emails from the server. In this way, ample space can be made free on the server mailbox.

  • Allows Pause and Resume backup-

This software facilitates users to pause and resume the procedure of downloading whenever they need. The backup process can be effortlessly paused and resumed when required.

  • Selectively export Yahoo Mail folders-

Once the file format is being specified, you will be able to choose the mail folders that you need to download within your local machine. It is known that the Yahoo Mail Backup Tool comes with the feature to denote the number of folders to be retrieved. Once you click on checkboxes, it will be easy to either select or deselect the folders.

  • Transfer Yahoo Mailbox to MS Outlook-

The Yahoo Mail folder backup utility is proficient to move emails directly from Yahoo to Outlook. This tool creates the storage repository which can be utilized to import Yahoo Mail into Outlook through a PST file. Make sure the system where migration is to be performed have MS Outlook application installed previously. It is okay if the MS Outlook versions are any of the following: 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 and 2000.

Handles Archival of Yahoo Mail messages-

One of the plus points of the tool is it can handle the whole procedure just by adjusting bandwidth usage. It is easy to vary the proportion of internet bandwidth as per the preference. Doing this would let the backup execute in the background without influencing the ongoing process.

  • Save Login credentials for future-

The Yahoo Email backup tool is capable of saving login credentials. When anyone logs in next time, they need not type in the Yahoo username and password.

  • Fix a time slot for regular backup-

There will be no problems to take the daily backup of mailbox emails as well as folders. You can quickly fix a time slot of the day in which the archival process would occur. Using the backup utility, you can move separate emails from Yahoo to Thunderbird by just saving them within the EML file format.

  • Convenient backup of Yahoo Mail folders-

The benefit of this tool is the output Yahoo email backup file could be transferred to any drive on your PC or another PC. Moreover, it can be taken over the platforms on a system possessing a different OS. For instance, you can use this tool to export mailbox from Yahoo Mail into Apple Mail. The same can be accomplished by taking the backup file from a Windows PC to Apple Mac OS.

  • Upholds data integrity and security-

This tool makes sure the overall data security and privacy is maintained. It is important to note that the email information is not shared with any third party. Also, it will not be used by the tool. The folder hierarchy will be maintained and read/unread emails will be the same as they are in the original mailbox.


In recent times, the Yahoo Mail is prone to the attacks from hackers, so it becomes inevitable for all Yahoo email users to get a backup of their Yahoo data. One of the best ways to backup Yahoo is to export Yahoo emails to the PC directly. Therefore, doing this way will guarantee the security of data and makes sure it is always obtainable for quick access whenever online Yahoo access is unavailable.

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