What are the best Google Cloud Print alternatives? Our List!

The best Google Cloud Print alternatives

Looking for the best Google Cloud Print alternatives? The process of printing has attained plenty of advancements since its inception. The Google Cloud Print turns printing more intuitive, handy, and useful printing solutions for devices connected over the internet. If there are Google Cloud Print-enabled apps available on your smartphone or computer, then the print output will be sent to your printers via the Google Cloud Print service. One of the best parts about Google Cloud Print is it does not need installation of drivers or any manufacturer-specific software.

The greatest benefit of Google Cloud Print is its outstanding compatibility. It will flawlessly work on almost all operating systems across platforms. It enables you to print from any app. There is no need to sign up for any additional services if you already own a pre-existing Google account. However, Google Cloud Print does come with some drawbacks.

Its service demands you to add printers into your account manually. This implies that if you wish to use a free printer and if the network administrator had not enabled cloud printing, then you will not get any printing results. But there is no need to worry because there are specific Google Cloud Print alternatives available.

The best Google Cloud Print alternatives:

Take a look at the details of the best Google Cloud Print alternatives:

1. PaperCut Mobility Print:

Now you will be able to easily print from Chromebooks, iPhones, iPods, Windows, Macs, and Android devices. One of the best Google Cloud Print alternatives –PaperCut Mobility Print is entirely free to use and comes with easy setup. It will automatically install drivers to take the print from these devices. To allow easy, functional printing from any application, all you need to do is press CTRL+P, or you can print right in the interface of the device.

Its working operation is such that it will point users to a self-setup page. This will allow them to find shared network printers on their own. Moreover, it will reduce the workload or reliance on your IT team. Now there is no need to pay for the expensive software maintenance. There is no need to suffer from app update distractions. This is because PaperCut Mobility Print lets you receive the cutting-edge features automatically pushed.

Mobility Print controls the cloud service of PaperCut to allow users to print while they are away from their network. The same is also useful while they are on an unreliable guest network. Since PaperCut Mobility Print is intended to make BYOD printing easy for everybody, it is a no catch, no phishing type printing solution. It is sure that during printing, your data will stay safe.


  • This alternative lets you achieve complete control and visibility to complement unparalleled mobile printing.
  • It allows you to know who prints where, when, and what on all BYO devices present within your network.
  • There will be saving in terms of cost and paper waste. This is because this printing solution presents in-depth reporting, quotas, and print policies such as grayscale and duplex.
  • With the implementation of secure authentication methods, the documents are protected.
  • Once the corresponding installer is downloaded, the application can be installed onto an existing print server or a new system that is permanently left on or on a virtual machine.

2. Printer share:

With the use of PrinterShare, you will be able to print photos and documents on someone else’s printers. This printing process will seem as simple as the one connected to your printer. One of the plus points of using this printing solution is there is no need for any technical knowledge. It is possible to take printouts using a compatible smartphone (iPhone, Android) connected to neighboring Wi-Fi printer or the remote printers connected to your computer software. This app’s mobile solution automatically detects compatible Wi-Fi printers. Subsequently, it presents a straightforward way to find out the remote ones.

PrinterShare is compatible with different platforms like Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, and also supports web printing. A setup wizard will assist you in installing PrinterShare on your Windows PC. During the installation, it is essential to make sure your PC meets the system requirements.

In the central panel of its interface, you will find two sections. The ‘Share’ section contains a list of printers that can be shared with others. This section can be used to choose the printer(s) you are willing to share with somebody else. The second section, i.e., ‘Print,’ contains a list of printers being shared by others. You can use this section to choose the remote printers that you wish to use to print documents. One drawback of PrinterShare is that it comes with printing limitations for the free version.


  • In less than a minute, your printer can be shared with the use of this application.
  • By sharing, you will be able to allow other people to connect to the internet and take the print from the web.
  • Its working mechanism automatically detects printers that are being connected to your PC, including the local network printers.
  • PrinterShare is found to be integrated into any Windows application through printing capabilities. This will allow you to search and select the printer you wish from the showcased printing menu of a specific program. (For this, you need to make an account to use that program; it can be done in a minute during the installation.)
  • The minimum system requirements are 128 MB RAM, 10 MB of free disc space, and an active Internet connection.
  • PrinterShare can work both in local network mode and internet mode.
  • It can seamlessly work with any Windows edition PC right from Windows XP up to Windows 8.

3. Printix:


Printix is widely famous due to its capability that lets you save your money and time. It is a serverless cloud service. With the elimination of the print servers, it will save your time and effort. Its corresponding working mechanism will shift the management of print infrastructure into the cloud. This will be done easily, quickly, and independently. For system administrators, Printix simplifies the hassles to automatically build, install, and handle a cloud-based print infrastructure. Also, it facilitates removing the print servers in 3 simple steps.

Printix is known to be an easy solution that could systematize an entire print environment. It will incorporate all the details in a single place. For example, it will put all the details on computers, printers, help desk, print jobs, etc. The entire working mechanism of Printix is unusual. Whenever you download the Printix Client software and then install it on a print server, Printix will create a blueprint of existing print environment details. This blueprint will be saved in Printix Cloud. Once this is done, it is inevitable that nothing is changed or deleted on the print server.

Printix automates routine print admin tasks to keep printers running and let people continue printing. This software presents the best workflow and design that streamlines your life. When you have downloaded this software, it would automatically discover your printers. Consequently, you will be able to take print form all your compatible devices without executing any complicated steps.


  • Printix automatically detects the nearest router and also records MAC addresses.
  • In the Printix Cloud, print queues and printers are searched and registered. The print drivers are recorded for each print queue over the print server.
  • Every print queue which was previously printed through the print server is now transformed into direct printing.
  • Printix manages all the print queues that point towards the registered printers, whereas this software discovers those print queues will be left as it is.
  • It supports all the USB and network printers.

4. ScriptX by MeadCo:


ScriptX from MeadCo guarantees complete control and reliability over your printing operations. Indeed, each of the default attributes of Windows PC is independently set for printing from Internet Explorer. ScriptX enables these attributes to be determined in advance for specific documents to maintain uniformity. Therefore, the printed format will always stay identical. Moreover, it makes sure there will be identical margins, orientation, header and footer strings, background, paper size, paper source, scale, etc. for all printing types. There will be no hassles to print any documents right from legal to tickets.

ScriptX is extensively utilized to guarantee the consistent formatting and look of the printed output. This relates to the production of content hosted by a browser from any local or networked printer. Irrespective of the printing attributes set in the Internet Explorer (IE) browser of a particular computer, the print outputs will be identical. While printing framed content or browser window, ScriptX employs the desired attributes of the document author. After the print task gets completed, all the default settings of users automatically restored.


  • ScriptX is compatible with local or remote computers that are operating on Internet Explorer on Windows OS.
  • It lets you define printed margins, header, footer, and orientation from the script.
  • ScriptX allows you to list printers and their
  • Its working mechanism determines different printer properties and also manages the print queue.
  • It carries out background printing.
  • The direct (RAW) printing facilitates printing to programmable devices like thermal label printers. In such a process, a label string will be directly delivered to the printer.
  • ScriptXtra conveys fully controlled printing to every user by the use of any browser in Microsoft Windows XP or later versions.

5. Keep:

Keep simplifies the cloud printing, whether you want it from your Windows, Android, PC, Mac, or iOS devices. One of the key benefits of using this printing solution is it lets you convert any printer into an Ezeep enabled printer. Wherever you are located, Ezeep provides a printing solution. From any app, you will be able to print PDFs, office documents, web pages, photos, etc. It is possible to control access to your existing printer flawlessly.

What makes it even more popular is it allows you to set print quotas or tariffs for printing. Any Windows and Mac users will be able to print to any printer unit directly from their desktop applications. For this, there is no need to install printer drivers. On the other hand, for Android and iOS users, Ezeep conveys an exquisite mobile printing experience.

The design of this printing software is based on modern security and privacy principles. Therefore, all your documents will stay safe throughout the printing. If you are fortunately positioned at a location that already has Ezeep, then download the application and begin printing.


  • With its intuitive web interface, the organizations can centrally manage printers and their users.
  • Its ThinPrint Cloud Services employs full control and flawless integration for users who are not administered by an IT infrastructure of any organization. Also, it controls the integration for those users who are not offered access to the corporate network.
  • The ThinPrint Cloud facilitates pay-per-page charging. It will allow the printers’ providers to charge users based on per page. The corresponding service monitors the billing and counting of the pages. Later, it pays the provider.
  • It offers dedicated client apps for Windows, Mac, or Chromebooks users. As a result, an outstanding user experience is provided.
  • With the facility of web printing, you can drag a document within a website. This feature serves as an excellent way to offer print kiosks or print from any of your devices without installing any software.
  • Through the Cloud Print management, any modification to printers within the environment is automatically applied to all connected devices.

6. QZ Tray:

QZ Tray is a cross-browser, cross-platform type plugin for printing purposes. QZ Tray comes with a sample.html page to exhibit its features. With the QZ Tray, it is possible to communicate with connected devices directly. For example, it lets you communicate with scales, industrial automation systems, etc.


  • QZ Tray is capable of printing raw (ZPL, FGL, ESC/P,), PDF, and HTML formats. Furthermore, it can flawlessly communicate with HID, USB, and serial devices. This communication is done through a cross-platform browser plugin.
  • With the thermal printing feature, it will print receipts, barcodes, and more from the web.
  • It is compatible with Zebra, Citizen, Epson, Boca, Star, Dymo, and more.
  • It supports all popular connection types like serial, parallel, COM, IP, USB, and more.
  • Those clients using Windows, Linux, and Mac OS can communicate with QZ Tray.

Concluding Note:

To overcome the hassles of manual addition of printers as seen in Google Cloud Print, these alternatives are the best to use. They facilitate easy, instant, and perfect printing solutions without any extra efforts from the users.

Disclaimer: The Questions and Answers provided on are for general information purposes only. We make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability with respect to the website or the information, products, services, or related graphics contained on the website for any purpose.

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