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Azure Data Box

Are you wondering what Azure Data Box is? Is it an On-premises solution? Is it a Database? The short answer is no! However, it could be “Everything.” In a cloud-first world, when moving to the cloud is a priority for most organizations, large and small, data movement could be a significant cause of hindrance.

Microsoft decided to address this pain point for customers who have a significant amount of data which is not feasible to move over a WAN pipe. Microsoft is announcing the Azure Data Box (currently in preview) which is a data-movement appliance and weights about 20 kilograms.

It is tamperproof, ruggedized appliance that can help organizations to move large chunks of data to Azure efficiently. It is a managed device and is supported by Microsoft Partners, certified in Azure. The current device supports up to 100 TB of space and uses NAS protocols such as SMB & CIFS. On top of that, the data on disk is encrypted using 256 bit AES encryption, which is a widely used across the industry to secure data.

Azure Data Box: How To Order, Setup & Transfer?

At the time of writing this, this service is in a preview and is limited to specific customers who signed up for it.

Azure Data Box

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When you sign-up for the appliance, you will only be charged once the delivery is completed from Microsoft’s end. The time for delivery also depends on the country where the data is being imported from. You will have to provide the following migration-related information:

  • Size of Data (In TB)
  • Destination Country (Data Location)
  • Target Region (Best to choose the nearest location)
  • Select the target, post data transfer. For example, Blob, File Services, Data Lake, etc.
  • Your estimated time frame to complete this task (in months)

Refer to the following screenshot below:

Azure Data Box

The Data Box will be securely be encrypted using a customer provided ‘password’ during the order process and using a standard 256 bit-AES encryption during data loading. The Data Box is a plug and play device that can plug directly into your LAN, and you can use its built-in management capabilities to specify a static IP address manually or via DHCP.

You can find the pricing details here. However, you will need to take into account the pricing of the device, as well as the price of storing the data on Azure post-migration. Post-migration pricing details are available here.

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